Examining the Meaning of Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient & Unconditionally Loving God/Goddess/All That Is

plato-socrates-quoteI’m in a phase now where I’m open to reading whatever I happen to come upon (and I have a curiosity about), because I believe I’m meant to read whatever message shows up at the moment, since I ultimately sent it to myself–as an aspect of All That Is– in order to expand my consciousness.

As I start to read an article, post, or website, I can instantly sense whether the message stems from fear or love. Before, a message of fear would sometimes instill fear in myself; however, now, I’m able to just observe what I see with an untroubled mind (understand without judgment).

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no worriesFor instance, I have certain friends and family members, who are wonderful people, who have managed to flood me with passionate beliefs. Initially, when I was bombarded with conspiracy theories on Facebook or by phone, I was bothered by it. When I was faced with a family member continuously trying to pressure and recruit me into becoming a Catholic, I was bothered by it.

However, even while I was slightly irritated by all of this (because I was working on being more positive during those times), I intuitively knew that they all had loving intentions–basically, to help me to see their truths or to “save” me from eternity in hell.

It’s just that they came from a very fear-based belief system…meaning, they allowed the conspiracy theories and their religious beliefs to engulf their lives. Whether I was noticing their posts on fb, or listening to their highly anxious voices as they desperately tried to convince me as much as they possibly could in a small amount of time, I sensed that they were highly affected by these “negative” happenings and concepts of the world. Anxiety ultimately stems from fear…not love.

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poster-let-go-of-what-you-cant-control1-311x400My heart went out to them, and I showed them my appreciation (once) for them sharing such information. I understand that everyone goes through their soul growth at their own pace, so it’s not my place to try to convince them that all is well, despite what may appear on the outside. As passionate as they were (or still are), it would just end up being a state of resistance for both parties.

The more we focus on the “negative,” the more we will lower our vibrations. We will then tune into a negative reality that matches our own low-frequency. However, the more we focus on the positive, the higher we will raise our vibration; hence, allowing us to tune into a positive reality.

I trust that we each live in one of the infinitive number of parallel realities that match our frequency in The Moment of Now, and as we shift (depending on our current frequency), we will eventually meet in one of the positive realities where we can all enjoy much unconditional love, peace, joy, freedom, truth, and abundance.

I remembered that faith is believing before seeing, not the other way around. Our beliefs help us to tune into specific realities…whether they’re positive or negative in nature depends on what we choose as free souls, individuations of God/Goddess/All That Is.

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fear-quoteNow, when I happen to be on fb, I just notice the posts (that may stem from fear), and move on with my positive outlook. If I notice that phone conversations with others frequently involves “negativity,” that I cannot change for them, I just simply don’t call them as much as I used to, or at all.

Granted, throughout the phone conversations, I do my best to better understand, empathize with, have compassion for, forgive, accept, and even unconditionally love the ALL of myself and others; however, when it’s the Divine “right” timing,  when my intuition and inner-wisdom gives me guidance from within, I then choose to release what no longer positively serves me. We cannot expect others to respect our boundaries, be positive around us, and even love us, if we’re not even willing to do it for ourselves.

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change yourself if you want to change the world.previewIf I notice that people who I spend time with are habitually negative (i.e., pessimists, chronic complainers, cynics, people who take advantage of others/users, gossipers, back-stabbers, selfish people, etc.), and are obviously not willing to change and  don’t have a desire to receive help, then I just let them continue to Be themselves…without me in the picture.

Granted, throughout the unhealthy relationships, I do my best to better understand, empathize with, have compassion for, forgive, accept, and even unconditionally love the ALL of myself and others; however, when it’s the Divine “right” timing, my intuition and inner-wisdom gives me guidance from within, and I then choose to release what no longer positively serves me.

We cannot expect others to respect our boundaries, be positive around us, and even love us, if we’re not even willing to do it for ourselves.  By removing ourselves from stagnant negative energy (meaning…no matter how positive you try to be, and try to transmute their negative energy…there’s no willing change), we give ourselves the freedom to work on our own inner-self. And as we transform into a more positive Being, our outer world will serve as a mirror and reflect the change.

In the past, I’ve tried to help change others to become more positive, but one of the most important life lessons I’ve learned is that I must FIRST change within myself, before I will be able to see the positive changes reflect in my outer world…since the outer world is my mirror.

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be-the-change-you-want-to-see-in-the-world-mahatma-gandhi2Now, whenever I see “negativity” in my outer world, I express my gratitude to All That Is for helping me to recognize and acknowledge my own inner turmoil; hence, giving me the opportunity to change them within myself. I then remove myself from “negative” situations and people, and work on my inner spirituality.

I noticed that the more positive I become, the more positive others (who weren’t so positive before) appear as well.

I noticed that the more I’m opened to taking responsibility for my own life, the more various aspects of ALL That Is (to include but not limited to my angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, Ashtar Command, Merpeople, my I AM Presence, my Higher Self, etc.) reveal to me the ALL of me, to include once hidden aspects of me–the so-called “dark side”– that I denied or rejected at some point in this lifetime or other past lifetimes.

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reflection 3The more I study Jesus’ real quotes (the ones that stem from love and not fear), I have a more profound understanding of them. It used to baffle me when so many Christians that I knew mentioned that they strongly believe in Jesus and God, but yet,they limited who God was by making him judgmental (God judging those who aren’t Christians), discriminating (God only allowing those to enter heaven who choose the right path), jealous (God disapproving of other Higher Spiritual Beings) angry (God punishing souls for not listening to him), controlling (God not giving souls actual free will by allowing them to freely choose their own path without ending up in a place called hell), vengeful (God punishing descendants for mistakes that ancestors made), unforgiving (God not being able to forgive one of his own creations, who has forgotten his true essence—the one most stuck in the darkness, and the one most in need of forgiveness and unconditional love–the fallen angel…the so-called Devil or Satan), and a hypocrite (God tells souls to forgive others and love their enemies, but he apparently doesn’t live by example if he’s not willing to forgive and unconditional love the so-called darkest being of his own creation).

Note: Image on right by thewisdomrealm.com

quote-how-people-treat-others-is-a-direct-reflection-of-how-they-feel-about-themselvesThese so-called Christians were also some of the most judgmental, non-forgiving, and unloving people I had ever met (an observation, not a judgment). The limited God they believed in (due to no fault of their own, since they were merely following the leaders of the church) were a direct reflection of themselves, and they were completely blind to it. I’m very grateful that they showed up in my life the way they did because it caused me to leave the Christian religion and find the path of Spirituality, where there are many paths to an actual all-loving God.

There were very few so-called Christians who I actually saw God in them…not because of their flowery words or what religious denomination they belonged to, but because of their actions.

Now that I look back, it’s because they had Christ Consciousness…something that everyone (not just religious people) is capable of attaining from within themselves (not just from churches and mosques).

I found the following quote from the website (http://www.tm.org/blog/enlightenment/jesus-christ-kingdom-god-within-you/  ):

Jesus was once asked when the kingdom of God would come. The kingdom of God, Jesus replied, is not something people will be able to see and point to. Then came these striking words: “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)

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pp4_albert_einstein_2552Let’s say our body represents God/Goddess/All That Is, and our left foot represents a “bad” being–a part of God/Goddess/All That Is.  If our left foot falls asleep (and doesn’t “wake up” or “remember its true essence” right away), and becomes temporarily useless to us, do we cut if off from the rest of our body? Of course not…that would be completely absurd. If a part of our inner body is unhealthy, do we help to heal it, or do we just ignore it or condemn it for being “bad” or negative? If our soul brothers are still deep asleep (living from fear-based belief systems–separation), let’s help them to remember and heal; but first, we must start the process of helping ourselves to remember and healing our physical, mental, emotional and etheric/identity energy bodies since the blind cannot lead the blind. Like Jesus said…

“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye?

You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye”
(Matthew 7.1-5 ESV)

Note: Image on right by www.newcosmicparadigm.org

god and everythingMy main goal is to embrace the ALL of God/Goddess/All That Is; after all, if I choose to believe in an “Almighty,”/”Omnipotent,” “Omnipresent,” and “Omniscient,” God/Goddess/Spirit, then I must fully do so rather than be selective about what aspects of Divinity I only wish to experience.

For instance, if God/Goddess/All That Is truly is “Almighty,”/”Omnipotent,” then He/She/All doesn’t need anything (like Neale mentioned in one of his books) because He/She/All is everything. Unlike many people who obsess about having numerous followers on Facebook, Twitter, etc. so that they can show everyone how many so-called “friends” and “followers” they have, I believe God doesn’t have that need. Great leaders create more great leaders; they’re not concerned about petty things like having numerous followers that help human beings to grow their egos.

In addition, an Almighty/omnipotent God/Goddess/All That Is doesn’t have anything to prove, to include proving to humanity that He/She/All can win the battle between them and their own creation. It would be like the left arm punching its own body, or even worse…the left arm trying to destroy its own body; hence, eventually destroying itself in the process.

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JFP-INS-206If God/Goddess/All That Is truly is “Omnipresent,,” then He/She/All is technically everywhere at the same time (in the Moment of Now).

Since we are all “sons and daughters of God” or all parts of the whole…or souls of God/Goddess/All That Is, then we are All spiritual beings having a physical experience on Earth.

We all differ in color, race, culture, physical size and shape, facial features, family backgrounds, educational background, personalities, beliefs, preferences, characters, habits, quirks, types of intelligence, talents, weaknesses and strengths, flaws, etc…but we’re all 7 billion unique and amazing expressions of the One. How boring would it be if we were the same?

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quote-great-little-one-whose-all-embracing-birth-lifts-earth-to-heaven-stoops-heaven-to-earth-richard-crashaw-289838Yes, some of us have forgotten our true essence, and live from a very fear-based belief system of needing to hoard abundant resources, needing to feel superior over others, needing to be competitive in an unhealthy manner, needing power over others, needing to hurt others, and needing to be greedy, but I believe the more we change from within, the more we will change our collective consciousness; thus, helping our lost soul brothers and sisters to wake up, and re-member their true selves.

If God created everything, that includes the everything in the spectrum of darkness and light. The quotes, “I was in prison and you came to me”  and “And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.'” from Matthew 25.35-40 ESV, is just one of the Jesus quotes that suggest we embrace even the so-called “dark beings,” because in essence…they are us and we are them. The Jesus quotes about not judging others, forgiving others, and loving our enemies are other examples. The more we recognize, acknowledge, understand, empathize with, have compassion for, forgive, accept and embrace our own darkness, the more we will be able to do this for others…which in turn helps us to see the dark side through the eyes of God/Jesus.

130-Why-indeedIf God/Goddess/All That Is truly is “Omniscient,” then He/She/All doesn’t need people to physically prove their faith by going through others (i.e., priests) and attending churches or mosques, since they already know what’s in our hearts, and our actions will speak volumes. Granted, if one chooses to attend a church or mosque for the purpose of connecting with others in love…that’s wonderful! However, if one attends a church or mosque just to check off the block, while not living with Christ Consciousness and Being Love…then that’s between them and God/Goddess/All That Is.

Anyone can blow their trumpets for all to see their goodness, but if their so-called “good” deeds don’t stem from unconditional love, but rather, their intention of doing “good”deeds stems from fear (i.e. fear of not entering a place called heaven, or ending up in a place called hell), then it defeats the whole purpose.

if God/Goddess/All That Is truly is “Omniscient,” then He/She/All already knows all the events of the past, present and future (which is basically all in the Moment of Now); hence, already knows the outcome of the so-called battle between them and the devil.

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absolute_omnipresent (1)Therefore, an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient God/Goddess/All That Is has no problem making it all work out for everyone in the end. Afterall, if the intention of Almighty God/Goddess/All That Is is for All their (I use “their” because God did say, “Let us make man…”) souls to eventually return to them one day (that means Lucifer too, since he’s included in the All)…who’s going to stop them?–they, who apparently created, not just planet Earth, but our entire universe which is made up of an estimated 500 billion galaxies, and God knows what other universes in the multiverse as well. Even the so-called elite and powerful minority groups of society, with all their material wealth (that many give way too much attention to/waste energy on) would be no match for an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient God/Goddess/All That Is.

Now, if we believe in a lesser God or Goddess, then that’s a different story. Whatever higher power that we choose to believe in will deliver exactly what we believe in. If we have limited beliefs of a limited God, then that’s exactly what will show up in our realities.

However, if we truly choose to believe in an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient God/Goddess/All That Is, then we must work on changing our outdated,  limited belief systems, overcome our fears, increase our faith, and Be prepared to have mind-blowing, awe-inspiring, magnificent experiences.

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haida-funnySo, in order to embrace the ALL of God/Goddess/All That is while living on Earth, I believe it’s important to focus on better understanding, empathizing with, having compassion for, forgiving, accepting, and even unconditionally loving ALL aspects of ourselves and others.

As we accomplish this focus of unity rather than separation (duality), I believe it will enable us to truly see ourselves and others through the eyes of God/Goddess/All That Is as One.  For as long as there is them (the so-called “enemies”) and us, or the so-called “evil” and us (presumably the “good”)…we will not reach harmony…and ultimately bliss.

Once we can be at a place of balance, we can then choose to Be who we were meant to be…to remember our true selves, to Become “the grandest version of the greatest vision we ever had about ourselves” (a Neale Donald Walsch quote), and to experience in the physical (as Spiritual Beings) our own version of Heaven on Earth that would only be concepts to us had we not had available to us the duality of Life. So let’s Be grateful for the gift of duality–darkness and light, for the ups and downs, for the cold and hot, for the “bad” and good, and everything in-between. For example, one can imagine what it’s like to be madly in love; however, if one has never deeply experienced being madly in love, then “being madly in love” would only be a concept to them.

Note: Image on right by doblelol.com

yin-yang-quotes-blogAs we become masters of frequency, we can control our vibration to Be whatever state is necessary in order to help our lost soul brothers and sisters to remember their true selves. For some, gentle kindness may not help them to wake up from the illusions of this world; it may take one of us to Be a bitch (with an intent that stems from love) to help them realize that it doesn’t feel as good to receive what they dished out (e.g., rudeness or meanness). Note: I gave some example stories in the post, “Embracing the Dark and Light Within All of Us.”

In addition, as we become masters of frequency, we can choose to Be at a high vibratory state by recognizing and transforming old and negative beliefs into positive ones so that we can effectively think more positive thoughts, which then creates positive feelings, which then raises our vibration to frequencies of love, peace, joy (especially excitement and passion), truth,  freedom, and abundance.

In a state of high vibration, we can then tune into a more positive reality since there are an infinite number of parallel realities to shift into at any given Moment of Now. When we reach our highest vibration, we can experience our version of Heaven on Earth, and when we feel that we are completely satisfied with our heavenly earth experiences, to include helping our soul brothers and sisters to re-member, we can then ultimately reconnect with All That Is.

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~ by Bobbie on September 27, 2013.

2 Responses to “Examining the Meaning of Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient & Unconditionally Loving God/Goddess/All That Is”

  1. A really interesting read, especially about shifting realities, which I happen to be really interested in. Thanks for that.

    • My pleasure. Thank you Zubin for your thoughtful feedback. I appreciate you sharing. Wherever you are, I wish you many blessings from this magnificent and generous Universe! ^_^

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