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the authentic self

Note: I don’t have an iphone, so I wasn’t aware of this until after I published this post, and my husband checked the link on Twitter via his iphone. The words colored in white will not show up on an iphone since my blog has a black background. I will keep that in mind in following posts.

My husband was Being thoughtful, and shared with me a blog that he came upon that would help me to become a better writer, since I had shared this intention with him before.

After just reading one post, I was hooked! After reading several more posts, and leaving comments that expressed my appreciation for the writer’s helpfulness, encouragements, and inspiration, I decided to share them with others, since they helped me to gain insight, not just about becoming a better writer…but remembering to Be my authentic self.

Jeff Goins is the eloquent writer of this blog, ==> (<== click here).

So far, I’ve read the following wonderful posts (which starts with “Jeff’s Post #…”), and I would like to share them with you (you can click on the title of the post to view in another window):

Jeff’s Post #1: Writing Tips to Make You Better:

Within this post, there is a section called,Before getting started,” that asks the reader to ask themselves the following six questions (and I’ve answered them for my own benefit; if it helps others as well, it will make me happy too):

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LoversQuestion #1: Why do I want to write?

I write because…

1) I love Being co-creative with my true self/a part of God/Goddess/Spirit/All That is. While creating in my blog, I love using descriptive words that can kindle feelings, paint a picture, help one to be a part of the journey, and stimulate the soul.

I love to spice up my posts using various fonts, sizes and colors for words to stimulate the eyes. I love including profound quotes and posters of words of wisdom from other loving souls to stimulate the heart and conscious mind.

I love adding beautiful, captivating, heart-warming and mesmerizing images from other creative artists to stimulate the sub/unconscious mind and evoke feelings. I also love adding my own photography, especially of nature, every now and then.

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I write because…

great-love-quotes_4218-02) I love freely and fully expressing myself (all aspects of me…”dark” and “light” and everything in-between), especially through authentic story-telling (perhaps sometimes too “awkwardly” personal).

I write because…

It helps me with my healing process. As I gain deeper insight into my life experiences, especially the “dark” ones, I’m able to transform them into wisdom.

I then remember more of my true self, and the purpose of my existence–to experience the all of myself on physical earth (as a part of the Divine God/Goddess/Spirit/All That is)…especially unconditional love (my essence), peace, joy, freedom, creativity, truth, wisdom, abundance, and power, rather than merely know them as concepts.

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wounding and healingI also understand that i can only have such experiences by having the opposites present; hence, duality serves a great purpose. For instance, if there was only love with the absence of hatred, how would we know the deep value of love? After some time, it would surely lose it’s valuable meaning.

As a wounded healer, I love to share with my soul brothers and sisters that they, too, can rise above adversity, hardships, abuse (emotional, physical, and sexual), trauma, abandonment issues, heartbreak, setbacks, disappointments, challenges, sufferings, lack, low self-esteem, depression, anger, anxiety, apathy, hopelessness, and any other “dark” experiences that stem from deep, fear-based beliefs within the sub/unconscious.

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jung-shadowIn order to remember and to fully Be our true/authentic selves (a Divine part of God/Goddess/Spirit/All That Is), we must also remember the hidden aspects of ourselves, the darkness within that must be recognized, acknowledged, healed and then released.  

Our hidden aspects can be recognized 

most of the time through others who serve as a mirror reflecting our own inner turmoil. It’s easier to accept that these darker qualities exist in others rather than within ourselves. However, others also reflect our “good” qualities that we may be blind to as well. I believe when we’re willing to be honest with ourselves, we can even recognize our dark side as we closely examine ourselves.

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happy-quotes-about-life-happy-life-quote-happy-quotes-happy-with-life-quotes-fbibo-63586-180x180Our hidden aspects can be acknowledged 

by humbly admitting to self that they are indeed hidden aspects of us that our egos may not want to face due to feelings of guilt and shame.

It takes a person of great courage, honesty, and strength to admit their weaknesses and to also own their strengths. Acknowledging our truths comes with finally Being liberated. 

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Our hidden aspects can be healed…

through better understanding, empathizing with, having compassion for, forgiving, accepting, embracing, and unconditionally loving ourselves, which in turn helps us to fully do the same for others.

8-Lao-Tzu-Quotes We can better understand ourselves through self-awareness…by paying attention to and examining the following (which are examples):

  • Reoccurring thoughts: Why am I being a pessimist and lowering my vibration? Hence, being a big magnet to negative energy. I choose to Be an optimist overflowing with positive Unconditional Love energy. I choose to practice positive affirmations (to include but not limited to positive and powerful “I AM” statements–Ex. I AM Amazing!); this repetition will help me to create real positive beliefs, which will in turn help me to think effective positive thoughts. These positive thoughts will arouse positive feelings, which will in turn help me to be at a state of high vibration (my essence). Vibrating at a high frequency (the highest of the Love frequency being compassion) will allow me to tune into a positive reality that matches my positive frequency. I also choose to practice looking at positive images, having positive intentions, imagining positive visions, feeling positive emotions and doing positive actions.
  • acim-healing-2Feelings: Why do I feel like crap? Let’s see what I was just thinking about or doing, since feelings stem from thoughts or actions. I feel like crap because my previous thought (or action) did not stem from love, but fear. So, I choose to change that thought (or action) into a positive one, and then notice that I feel much better/lighter since I just intentionally raised my vibration to a higher frequency. Love is a high frequency (with compassion being one of the highest since it takes extra love to love the so-called unlovable), and fear is the lowest.
  • downloadIntuition: I have a strong, gut feeling that this date is just trying to use me for sex (due to his own insecurities) rather than start a meaningful relationship. I must first realize that this situation has showed up in my reality (for our soul growth) so that I may heal from my own feelings of a lack of self-9684-this-is-the-the-place-called-space-where-you-leave-no-trace_247x200_widthworth, since my outer reality is a reflection of my inner reality (both “negative’ and “positive”). Therefore, my goal is to be loving to him/myself since we are essentially all one. I have a choice to either stop dating him, or express my truth to this person, and see if he is willing to meet me halfway by expressing his own truth. If he’s willing to be transparent as well, then there’s potential for a start of a healthy and true relationship. However, if the date chooses to be in denial by being deceptive, than I will realize that he’s not ready to heal together. I will acknowledge that I cannot force to change others; therefore, I will only choose to change myself by no longer dating him/releasing what no longer positively serves me. Note: Image on right by
  • 0-0-namka24Intentions: Why I’m I really saying or doing this? To get into a place called heaven, to look “good” to others, or because I’m genuinely Being my true essence…unconditional love?
  • Dreams (while sleeping): What is my soul trying to communicate to me via the available information, symbols, images, feelings, experiences, and synchronicity (1)memories that’s stored in my sub/unconscious mind? I’m going to start a journal because the dreams are vivid for a good reason…so that I can see (via my third eye, since my physical eyes are closed) with clarity the hidden aspects of me deep within my sub/unconscious. I will use all the tools available to me, to include dream dictionaries (shared by my soul bothers and sisters), as well as my own intuition and inner-wisdom.
  • Synchronicities:  Positive synchronicities (a few or more coincidence-like signs that seem too good to be true, but are true since there are no coincidences) tell me that I’m on the “right” track/following my joy (what excites me)/following Divine guidance, and negative synchronicities tell me that I’ve been focusing way too much on negative thoughts, which create negative feelings, which then lowers my vibration to a low-frequency (of fear), which then causes me to tune into a reality filled with much negativity.
  • QuoteTrishRDesignsAffirmationSeptember2012Silent and Spoken Words: If I catch myself not saying nice things to myself, I should just be silent. Instead, I will listen to some music that uplifts my spirit, read an inspirational book, watch a funny show to makes me smile and/or laugh, go for a walk/jog/run while being surrounded by nature, or do something else that excites me (activities that raise one’s vibrational frequency), since excitement is the body’s way of showing us that we’re in alignment with our true/authentic selves (according to the multi-dimensional Being Bashar, channeled through Darryl Anka…not the President of Syria). There are plenty of people out there who are more than happy to put me down; therefore, I don’t need to add to that unloving act.  I choose to say silently and aloud positive words about myself and others. Every day, I will only choose words that will comfort, encourage, heal, motivate, inspire, cheer, uplift, empower, raise, and love myself. The more I practice Being Unconditional Love, the more fully I can Be this way for others, being a reflection of their own Light.
  • Behavior: What are my nonverbal cues telling me? Perhaps I’m sitting in a stiff position, with tense muscles and sweaty palms because I’m suffering from anxiety, which stems from fear. What am I fearful of, and how can I relieve myself from this illusion? What is my body signaling to me? Perhaps it’s telling me to stop dumping a lot of junk food and chemicals into my precious earth vehicle.

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  • Quotes-about-self-awareness-and-self-improvementPassion & Preferences: What deeply moves me? What am I passionate about? And why do i feel so strongly about them? Why do I like, love or even dislike or abhor this or that? If I don’t like (or even abhor) something or someone, what type of judgment lies behind it? And if I have a judgment, then I must believe that I’m better/superior than this thing or person? I learned from one of Neale Donald Walsch’s books that wanting to be superior over others ultimately stems from fear. Silently thinking or basically saying aloud, “I’m better than you (holier than thou)” helps our egos to feel secure, since it believes that being “better” or “superior” means having more stuff (e.g., opportunities, material abundance, attention, etc.). Beings who choose to be their authentic selves/Unconditional Love have no need to be better or superior over others, since there’s room for everyone to be great/their true selves, and that they are in essence mental, emotional, spiritual and material abundance, since everything we need is within us.

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  • youractionsdefineyouActions: Am I giving conditionally or unconditionally? Why do i give my time and attention to others? Why do i shower others with compliments? Why am I an active listener? Is it to gain the same things back from them? Or is it because I genuinely care about them, and I love to remind them of their lovableness, pure hearts, worth, magnetic personality, understanding and compassionate nature, great sense of humor, honesty, different types of intelligence, creativity, goofiness, brilliance, inner and outer beauty, courage, strengths, character, skills, talents, and any other great qualities that will remind them to see their own beautiful Love & Light?
  • Habits: Why do I keep imagining the worse case scenario every time something similar happens to me? I’m going to stop reacting from past experiences, and respond from a state of my authentic self, which is to change bad habits we must study the habits of successful role models copyfearless and Unconditional Love energy. I am going to imagine the best case scenarios since visualizing an experience helps me to manifest it in my reality. Why do I keep eating a dozen donuts in one sitting, knowing I feel like a big ball of dough right afterwards? I’m going to save donuts for treat days in small quantities since they are way too delicious to completely eliminate from my life. I’m keeping it real.

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  • Beliefs: What do I truly believe in, not what my ego thinks I believe in? Since my deep beliefs (within my sub/unconscious mind), affect my thoughts, and my thoughts affect my feelings, and my feelings causes me to be a certain vibration (highest frequency = Love, lowest frequency = fear), and my vibration determines the matching frequency of the reality that I’m going to tune into, I must ensure that my beliefs stem from love, and not fear. So how do I know the difference between the beliefs of my conscious mind and my sub/unconscious mind? Well, even though I may consciously believe that I’m worthy of abundance, I continue love-reality-prosperity-amyjalapenoto have experiences of lack, to include financial problems. So I must have a poverty consciousness that I’m not aware of consciously. I know this because my soul communicates to me via my dreams (one method) that I fear having material abundance, because I’ve been conditioned by society (to include my own family) that most people can’t obtain a lot of money, and that money is the root to all evil. However, I now understand that it’s not money itself that is the root to all evil , it’s the people who abuse it by hoarding it to themselves, and using it in ways that don’t stem from love. Money, like everything else in the multiverse, is part of Divine energy. The whole E = mc2 (squared, not just 2) basically says EVERYTHING is made of energy…not just certain things that people like to be selective about. If God created EVERYTHING…then let’s not leave out money, “dark” beings (who are just in a lower vibrational state and who needs uplifting), power, etc. since they essentially are all part of the whole.
  • fearandloveCharacter/Personality: What do I habitually think about, intend, feel, say and do?  Am I cynical or understanding? Do I usually think, speak, and act from a love-based belief system or a fear-based belief system? Who do I think I am? Do I give myself too much credit, not nearly enough, or is there a good balance? What are my values? For me personally, I learned about the acronym LDRSHIP (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage) while I was in the Army, and I chose to develop those values along with others. What’s my typical behavior? Do I often smile at others, or do I give them dirty looks? What’s my most dominant communication style? Passiveness, aggressiveness, passive-aggressiveness, or assertiveness? What are my qualities and features? Am I overall warm-hearted, or am I completely insensitive? Do I have a tendency to help others, or do I often look away, walk away or even refrain from being a voice for others who may not have the courage to speak their own truth?
  • Basically, let’s get to really know ourselves: A lot of times, we’re so busy trying to figure others out, that we forget to remember who we truly are.

If we’re happy with ourselves and our lives, then there’s no need to change; however, if we’re not happy with ourselves and our lives, then it’s time to make change (from within ourselves) and release old and negative beliefs that no longer positively serve us.

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55-The-Power-Of-Positive-Affirmations-And-Making-Them-WorkBecause it’s our deep down beliefs that determine how we think, feel, and act, which then determines what vibrational state we’re going to be in, which ultimately determines what type of reality we’ll tune into.

Like Bashar (the multi-dimensional being channeled through Daryyl Anka…not the President of Syria) mentioned in one of his teachings…just as a TV or radio doesn’t need to create programs, but rather, just match the frequency it wants to tune into, we don’t have to create our realities from scratch, but rather, just Be the frequency (i.e. Love frequency) that matches the reality we choose from the infinite number of parallel realities that already exist with different versions of ourselves.

For instance, if we can imagine, visualize, believe and strongly feel that we can tune into a reality where we’re our full potential on earth, then we just have to focus on increasing and maintaining our high frequencies by Being in the Moment of Now with much gratitude, appreciation, unconditional love, peace, joy (especially excitement, passion and a great sense of humor), freedom, abundance (Bashar’s definition: “”Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it. Let go of thinking it has to be about money.”), truth, wisdom, creativity, and/or power (be fearless).

If we have a lot of negative beliefs deep within our sub/unconscious minds (to include the belief that we’re unworthy of success), but yet, we think with our conscious minds that we can be successful, then we’ll end up tuning into a reality that shows us/supports our own negative belief.

However, if we identify our negative beliefs, and then change them into positive ones (with repetitive positive affirmations and positive images that create positive feelings), then we can get into a habit of effectively thinking more positive thoughts.

— We can empathize with ourselves by paying attention to our feelings, and then understanding, comforting, reassuring, and uplifting our inner wounded child.

pull-quote-self-empathyI noticed that I was good at comforting others; however, rather than doing the same for the most important star player (me), I would sometimes just ignore my own needs of comforting.

So you might hear others say, “If you feel like crying (or expressing yourself in some other way), just think of something positive” as if freely expressing yourself is something “negative.” I disagree. I’ve learned that suppressing one’s emotions, that our souls strongly desire to express (a method of healing/releasing negative energy), only creates a time bomb waiting to explode.

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be9ca399ee85040804e6588e484a86ffIf we feel like crying, we should cry, since it’s a natural part of the healing and releasing process.  If no one else notices that we, too, need comforting, then we won’t receive it. That’s why it’s important for us to be willing to be our own best friend, comforting ourselves when there’s no on else around to help us. We can’t expect others to be our best friend if we’re not willing to be our own.

We can have compassion for ourselves by not just empathizing with ourselves, but taking action. If our heart breaks for ourselves, who can better help us than the God-self within us?  Even Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:20-21) We must deeply believe that we deserve to Be our full potential self (a Divine Being of God/Goddess/Spirit/All That Is), and be able to experience in the physical a “Heaven on Earth” like any other soul, and then do what it takes to achieve such an amazing dream. We can first choose to change from within, to end any kind of suffering, and to Be real peace, where our outer circumstances doesn’t negatively affect our inner world.

As we heal and transform our inner world into unconditional love of self, we will begin to notice that our outer world will become unconditionally loving as well, since we will project this powerful love outward.

I used to focus so much on changing my outer world; however, i was only left with a mountain of frustrations and disappointments. 

Like Jesus said, let’s first take the log out of our own eye, and then we will see clearly to take the speck out of our brother’s eye” (from Matthew 7.1-5 ESV ). 

wpid-facebook_-20058929371We can forgive ourselves for making mistakes in the past, and release all the guilt, shame and fear that no longer positively serves us. Guilt and shame (which ultimately stem from fear) slow us down from our soul growth.

Mistakes are part of life lessons. Brilliant people in the past have acknowledged the wisdom behind mistakes/so-called failures. The goal is to transform our so-called weaknesses into strengths.

That doesn’t mean that we should go to the extreme and try to do everything that we feel that we perceive ourselves to be “weak” at (i.e., jumping out of a perfectly functioning plane just for the thrill of it). No, I believe it’s more about not giving up in what we (as our authentic selves) are passionate about.

For instance, one of my weaknesses is math; however, I transformed that weakness into a strength, not by trying to force myself into improve on something I have absolutely no interest in doing  (except sacred geometry), but simply acknowledging that I have no need to be good at math (at least right now).

Mindfulness-quotes-acceptance-joy-peace-and-love.-Thich-Nhat-Hanh-QuotesI used to be hard on myself for not being good at something that most Asian, females excel at. But then I realized that 1) I haven’t even used algebra, geometry, and mathematical analysis since high school (over 20 years ago), and I’m still here, and 2) I don’t plan on being a doctor, chemist, engineer, or any other profession that requires a high level of math.

If I suddenly have a need to be good at math, then I trust that God/Goddess/Spirit/All That Is will make it happen…just the way I was assisted in learning to read and write Korean at an almost instantaneous rate (definitely a Divine intervention), although I had no formal training (just being able to read simple words here and there at a slow rate) prior to joining the Army right away as a Korean cryptologic linguist/analyst.

250x250-Kristine-Carlson-True-Meaning-of-LoveTherefore, just the wisdom of intuitively knowing that everything that happens is perfectly fine the way it shows up (acceptance of what is at the moment–mindfulness) is how I transform that so-called weakness into a strength.

I am passionate about remembering my true self, and Being my authentic self all the time, so even if I make many mistakes along the way to achieve this, and be labeled a failure by others along the way, I’m still going to be a stubborn ox that I am, and drive forward.

— We can better accept ourselves by accepting all aspects of ourselves to include our flaws, imperfections, quirks, and “dark” side. It’s so liberating to Be authentic.

I’m 4’9″, which is very short for an adult…even shorter than what’s technically considered a dwarf–a few of my smart-ass soldiers once informed me of such useful piece of info when I was in the Army.

NothingInMeButLoveThey joked around that they wanted me to hook them up with a handicap driver’s license (so they could get closer parking) since anyone 4’10” and under apparently qualify for one in Hawaii. I asked them with gentle love, “Who wants to bend down and be choked first?”

The only times I was really bothered by my size was when I was teased in elementary and junior high school (since I was always the smallest kid in all classes), and especially when I wasn’t able to take my two kids (when they were younger) on a Go-kart ride because the supervising adult had to be at least 4’11”.

I could tell my kids were a little disappointed, but they were being sweet and said that they understood; however, I felt bad because it was during one of my visits with them while I was in the Army, and I wanted to give them as many exciting experiences as possible.

self-esteem-quotesAlthough being petite is a part of me that often made me feel abnormal in the past, I’ve come to embrace my tininess. I use all the help that I can get, to include but not limited to platform shoes, 3 inch heels, step stools, and even a seat cushion (so that I can better see over the dash board–for everyone’s safety).

I’ve seen plenty of courageous people on TV and in real life who have actual disabilities (e.g., missing limbs or an eye, being paraplegic or quadriplegic, being blind or deaf, having 3rd degree burns, suffering from gigantism, being physically attached to their sibling, etc.), who strive to live normal lives with a positive attitude and outlook despite their disabilities; therefore, someone like me has no excuse for not appreciating my shortness.

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mlk1The following is an example of me embracing my “dark” side: I highly support being gentle love and kindness; however COMMA if my soul brother or sister is Being a total ass, and they forgot the language of  “gentle kindness,” then I will do both of us a favor (since we are all one and we are each others’ reflections), by helping them to wake their ass up.

Depending on their attitude, I will be assertive, or even thunder and lightning aggressive to them, whichever method helps them to remember that when they dish out rudeness, they may receive an unexpected surprise in return that doesn’t quite feel good…and that “what we do onto others, we do onto ourselves, and what we fail to do for others, we fail to do onto ourselves (a Neale Donald Walsch quote).

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JESS3_Social_MLK_QuoteOthers may say, “If someone is being an ass to you or others…just walk away…take the higher road.” I disagree. I believe we’re meant to cross paths with others (“good” or “bad”).

Therefore, just as we wouldn’t turn down some stranger in the street who’s begging for help, we also shouldn’t turn away from someone who’s silently begging for help, but too proud to admit it, since rudeness ultimately stems from fear.

It’s easier to ignore and walk away from difficult people; however, it takes a deep kind of love (compassion) to choose to face them, and help them from their suffering and to remember their true essence (in whatever method best suits their soul growth), which is also helping to heal our own hidden aspects, since they are serving as a mirror reflecting our own inner turmoil that we may not be aware of. The more we avoid facing what we don’t like to deal with, the more they will show up…just in a different form. Granted, if we’re willing to acknowledge that they are indeed an unattractive, hidden aspect of us, we can then work on our inner spirituality. The next thing you know, “rude” people will magically disappear from our reality. 

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Nine out of ten times that i put someone in their place with assertive or aggressive honesty (because gentle kindness didn’t work), they would look very surprised (since MLK-quote.8most people avoid confrontation and would much rather talk bad about others behind their backs), and respond with either an apology, understanding eyes and/or a nod, speechlessness, or even their own truth/love. It’s an amazing experience.

By allowing rude, condescending, patronizing or downright mean people to say or do whatever to us or others is like saying,”It’s okay if you disrespect me, because I don’t even respect myself. I’m not going to stand up for myself because I have low-esteem, and I’m just going to take it, walk away to my safe bubble over there and hope and pray that you won’t continue to treat others that way, which isn’t my business anyway.”

When we walk away from such situations that bother us deep down, we suppress our true feelings by somehow justifying that we’re being the “better” person. I believe this leads to bitter resentment of self and others, that becomes stored within…waiting to explode one day.

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inspirational1We can be any frequency of the rainbow spectrum, as long as our intention stems from unconditional love, and as long as we choose with discernment which frequency to Be (ranging from Light to Darkness) at the best moment. We can be an angel or a devil (in disguise).

We can embrace our “dark” sides by understanding that they are merely hidden aspects of us stuck in a lower/denser/darker vibration. When we believe that we are “too good” to be expending our energies on those who could use some reminding, then it’s us that have lost our ways…not them.

Since fear frequency is ultimately a part of Love frequency, just at a much lower vibration, we can perceive this as reaching down into the valley to lend other aspects of us a hand, so that we can pull them up from the depths of darkness (with our Light) and raise them/transmute their lower/denser/darker vibration back up to a higher Love frequency where they belong, as a part of All That Is.

Last but not least, we can unconditionally love ourselves since we remember that we are in essence Unconditional Love (a Divine part of God/Goddess/Spirit/All That Is), whole, imperfectly perfect, authentic, unique (in the history of mankind, there has been no one 100% like us), free spiritual beings temporarily exploring and experiencing being human; and that we’re exactly where we need to be with all that we currently have (mental, emotional, spiritual and material abundance) because it’s best suited for our soul growth.

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honorWhenever we choose to change our outer reality to better support our “new” version of self, then we can do so, as we look deep within ourselves of  unlimited imagination and infinite possibilities.

Last but not least, our hidden aspect can be released

after we realized that we have learned certain life lessons, and we no longer need them for our soul growth. We can say, “Thank you fear and guilt, you have served me well in the past; I AM now releasing you. Once again, the key is to recognize, acknowledge and heal our hidden aspects first. After all, how can we release something from us that we don’t even know exists within us?             

I write because…

I love sharing with my soul brothers and sisters what I’ve learned recently…to remember to better understand, empathize with, have compassion for, forgive, accept (ALL aspects of us), embrace, and unconditionally love ourselves FIRST, so that we may fully do the same for others.

As we remember to Be and live in the Moment of Now with much gratitude, appreciation, trust in the process of life, positive thoughts (which creates positive feelings), positive intentions, positive beliefs and positive actions, we raise and maintain our high vibrations, which in turn helps us tune into a more positive reality of unconditional love, peace, joy, truth, wisdom, freedom, creativity, abundance and power.  

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self-awareness-quotes-inspirational-quotes-inspiring-quotes-quotes-seek-inside-quotesI was talking to one of my Korean cousins this past weekend, whom I’ve recently reconnected with. My cousin, J.I., is one of the most influential people in my life. She’s like a real sister to me, because I had spent a lot of summer and winter vacations with her and her older sister growing up, and I had often felt like she was the only person who truly loved me.

She’s one my favorite, amazing Being on this planet, and she’s also one of the most intelligent and wittiest people I had ever met.

I was ecstatic that she, too, has a passion for Spirituality, and that her favorite quote on Facebook is, “I shall love myself.” We both admitted that we didn’t love ourselves unconditionally for the majority of our lives, and that it was definitely time to do so.       

10405-when-you-are-your-authentic-self-you-fulfil-the-dream-that_247x200_widthI write because…

It helps me to expand my consciousness, as well as help others expand their consciousness…which in turn expands the collective consciousness. Eventually, it helps us all to return home to All That Is

Question #2: Who am I writing for?

I believe I must first write for myself, fully love what I’m doing, and absolutely believe in my dreams; otherwise, I can’t expect others to enjoy and believe in my writing. I’m also writing for others, since in essence, we are each other.

If I solely wrote for myself, I wouldn’t have to explain certain details while story-telling, since I’m already aware of them. But I realize, that as I heal…I help to heal others, and as others heal (from reading my stories)…I heal as well.

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emmanuel_dagherThere were times when I wrote for others more than myself, by not fully expressing my authentic self from fear of being judged by others. My ego was against writing certain things, from fear that it would either make me look bad or somehow not help me.

However, I’m working on helping my ego (who I think I am–my self-image to the public) to understand and trust that we (my ego and my true self) are all working on the same team (we are in essence One) for the highest benefit of all involved.

I understand that our soul growth process naturally includes moments of contraction and expansion since we are still spiritual beings in physical bodies. Therefore, I’m choosing to Be patient as everything balances out. My goal is to eventually Be my authentic/true self all the time by Being in the Moment of Now with much gratitude, appreciation, unconditional love, peace, joy (especially excitement, passion and a great sense of humor), freedom, truth, wisdom, creativity, abundance and power (to Be my full potential).  

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QuoteWeAreAllOneQuestion #3: What’s my message?

Let’s remember who we truly are (a Divine part of God/Goddess/Spirit/All That Is) and also help our soul brothers and sisters to remember.

Let’s experience “the grandest version of the greatest vision we ever had about ourselves” (a Neale Donald Walsch quote).

Let’s co-create and experience in the physical our own versions of a mind-blowing, awe-inspiring, magnificent Heaven On Earth.

Last but not least, when we’re done experiencing Being human as spiritual beings…let’s ALL (i.e., Beings of Light, Dark and various shades of gray) go home, and return to All That Is.

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Question #4: Have I found my voice yet?

I just did, after typing the above paragraphs. Thank you my amazing soul.  

writing-transformation-vulnerability-amyjalapenoQuestion #5: What am I willing to sacrifice for my craft?

I am willing to be vulnerable by facing my fears…

  • fear of not being good enough
  • fear of putting out useless information
  • fear of being criticized for unconventional thoughts and beliefs
  • fear of being secretly ridiculed by family members, friends, former co-workers, and anyone else I was once close to (or continue to be)
  • fear of not being helpful to myself and others
  • fear of wasting my time
  • fear of not accomplishing my goals/succeeding, fear of my beliefs not coming into fruition
  • FearQuote10fear of disappointing my family members
  • fear of being wrong, fear of being a major failure
  • and fear of losing my faith in God/Goddess/Spirit/All That Is.

I’m also willing to trust my soul/God/Goddess/Spirit/All That Is by realizing that All is well when I choose to Be my authentic self.

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Olivia-Lobell-From-Soul-Searching-to-Soul-Singing-Trusting-Transforming-and-Thriving-Quote1Question #6: What won’t I give up?

Being my authentic self, and expressing myself freely. Even if no one else likes my writing, and chooses to criticize it, I will understand that I’m having such an experience because my soul is asking me to look deep within myself…that perhaps, I’m not fully liking or accepting myself.

I believe that once I reach a state where I’m fully and confidently Being my authentic self…then nothing can harm me. Any form of so-called “darkness” (i.e., judgment, resentment, jealousy, anger, hatred, persecution, aggression, abuse, violence etc.) that shows up again at my doorstep, I will be ready to invite it/them into my space with an understanding and compassionate heart, thank them for a gift(s) in disguise (life lessons for soul growth), and then release them.

I will understand that they are me, and I am them, and that we’re all just being each other’s reflection (since it’s easier to see a hidden aspect of ourselves in another, especially the “dark” and unwanted side), so that we may remember who we truly are…ALL aspects of All That Is.     

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 Jeff’s post #2: Web_MoveABodyCardBack6 Ways for Writers to Overcome Perfectionist Tendencies :

One of the things I’m working on improving. I love to strive for excellence, not perfection.

If I happen to make a mistake, or I happen to write a post that I don’t consider “good”…it’s perfectly okay. What matters is my intent to improve and become the best possible me that I can without being too hard on myself during the process.

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home-quoteJeff’s post #3: Writers Don’t Write to Get Published:

I agree with most of this post; however, I don’t agree with the statement, “By this rationale, to write with the goal of getting published for the sake of being famous is selfish, if not downright blasphemous” because I believe that a person (who doesn’t unconditionally love oneself) who solely wants to be famous for “selfish” reasons (i.e., just to be recognized, accepted and admired by others) isn’t “blasphemous,” but just suffering from his/her own lack of self-esteem and self-love.

When we choose to see through the eyes of God, we can better understand, empathize with, have compassion for, forgive, accept, embrace, and even unconditionally love those who speak or act from a fear-based belief system. So they’re not showing a lack of reverence for God, but rather, struggling to get to God/Unconditional Love. We can help others to return to God’s love by Being Love. 

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However, I understand where Jeff is coming from. When one writes from a place of love, then it would be no surprise if one’s work spreads (via publishing) to others in order to help and uplift self and humanity.                     beggar-jung-quote-1024x754

If one writes from a place of fear (i.e., fear of not being accepted by society, which ultimately stems from not fully accepting oneself), and only desires fame, then chances are, he/she will probably not attain that fame; and if they happen to…it will only last for a short time. I also love the refreshingly honest comment to Jeff’s post by David Lucero (also an eloquent writer).    

Jeff’s post #4: There Will Be Haters

I believe that haters are just reflections of our own hidden judgments about ourselves, stemming from a lack of self-worth deep within our sub/unconscious. Haters (and loving people) serve as our mirror, and remind us to look within so that we may know if we’re truly loving ourselves unconditionally.

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As we work on self-awareness and transformation (to include facing the unknown aspects of ourselves), we remember more of who we truly are.                                                                                                    

inspirational-quote-shadows-ralph-waldo-emersonBy better understanding, empathizing with, having compassion for, forgiving, accepting the ALL (the glory and the imperfections, as well as the “dark” and the “light”), and ultimately unconditionally loving ourselves, we’re able to fully do this for others.

However, we cannot expect others to respect and love us, if we’re not willing to fully do this for ourselves. When we choose to see ourselves and others through the eyes of God, we are truly Being our authentic selves.

I now welcome all aspects of God/Goddess/All That I with open arms, because they help me to remember more of my whole self, some of which my ego may not be too willing to embrace out of pride. I am also grateful for all the “good” and “bad” that show up in my life, for my soul has created these blessings in disguise to help with my soul growth, and to remind me that We Are All One.                          Note: Image on right by

NeverLoseYourDignityTryingToMakePeopleLoveYou_zps621a6013Jeff’s post #5: The Best Way to Network: Serving People:

I noticed that when I help and uplift others, it makes me very happy. Depending on the situation, we can give conditionally or unconditionally. When others are not in a position to express their appreciation, it’s obviously not expected (i.e., infants and young children, plants and animals as well as other living creatures, the ill, the injured, the disabled, etc.). However, for those who are capable of expressing their appreciation, should. If I were to say that I didn’t have any expectations when I give someone a gift or helping hand, I would be lying. Most people at least express their appreciation with a simple, “Thank you,” which is more than enough.

However, there are others who won’t even inform you that they received your card and/or gift. Granted, sometimes people can forget or be in an unhappy place, and that’s understandable to; but if it’s habitual, then, it’s time to only give to those who are appreciative, and celebrate our kindness rather than just tolerate it.

The reason that it doesn’t make me happy to at least receive a “Thank you,” is because an absence of response doesn’t help me to know if it even helped or uplifted that person, and that there’s a chance that I’m actually just bothering them.

014-personal-growth-self-development-inspirational-quote-yhctr-book-1-p213-e1365167266657I believe I’ve had these experiences because I, too, wasn’t appreciative to others’ kindness in past lifetimes, or even in this lifetime, but my ego just refuses to recall such situations out of denial and shame.

Either way, I would do both parties a favor (for our soul growth) by giving my absence to those who don’t appreciate my presence.

If I was, at any point in my soul evolvement, unappreciative, then I, too, deserve the lesson of no longer receiving such acts of kindness, until I finally wake up and remember.

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Success 2I’m in the process of loving myself unconditionally, which includes self-respect and self-worth. If I don’t believe that I’m worthy of respect and appreciation, then I can’t expect others to show their respect and appreciation to me, since they are serving as a mirror to reflect my inner turmoil.

Serving others is great, as long we remember to serve ourselves as well with self-love; because without self-respect and self-love, someone will show up to take advantage of us, use us, walk all over us, look down at us, speak to us in a condescending or patronizing tone, blow us off, mistaken our kindness for weakness, disrespect us, and/or not appreciate us.

I believe that once we remember to respect, appreciate and love ourselves unconditionally, first, we can then fully do this for others, and be of better service to humanity. 

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This-universe-is-not-outsideThank you all aspects of me (to include but not limited to my Higher Self/my True Self/my Soul/my Soul Group/my I AM Presence/my angels, Archangels (i.e,. Michael, Gabriel, Chamuel, Raphael, Megatron, etc.)  & Ascended Masters (i.e., Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi, St. Germain, Lao Tzu, Quan Yin, Abundantia, Lakshmi, Ganesha, etc.) /other Higher Beings of the spiritual realm (i.e., Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, Ashtar Command, Merpeople, etc.)/my Extended Self/God-Self/God/Goddess/Spirit/Source/Universe/Multiverse/All That Is) for this gift.

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