Finally Releasing Another “Bad” Habit

wave8Ever since I chose to become my authentic/true self, I decided to pay closer attention to myself like never before. I figured, if I desire to remember my true self/my soul/my God/Goddess/All That Is within me, then I must expand my self-awareness and consciousness. I must also be willing to be vulnerable.

I must not only notice and examine my own self (i.e., habitual thoughts, feelings, intentions, spoken words, actions, behaviors, habits, character, personality, choices, beliefs, decisions, preferences, etc.) , but also be willing to recognize, acknowledge, heal from and embrace or release the shadow aspects of me that are usually easier to see in others, who serve as a mirror to reflect my so-called “positive” and “negative” qualities.

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breathtaking-nature-photos-8My husband often reminds me to stop picking at my face, usually while watching TV together, but I do the usual nod, and then catch myself carrying on with my business again.

Yesterday evening was by far the worst face picking I had ever experienced. I have no doubt that my true self set up this experience for me so that I could finally recognize the obvious. Before I went to bed, I placed a cotton pad drenched in hydrogen peroxide on my chin to prevent infection since I knew I went too far this time.

When I woke up this morning, I had a dime-sized scar on my chin. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I asked, “What’s really going Bobbie?” I then had an intuitive knowing that it was time to heal from yet another bad habit. I realized that I had to take a moment to check myself.

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breathtaking-nature-wallpaperAs I sat down and reflected on my plethora of “picking” experiences, I realized that I had indeed had this habit since I was a child. I recall often picking at scabs on my knees or elbows that were almost fully healed, picking at a mole for a long time until it eventually disappeared, picking at pimples ever since I started junior high school (because my parents refused to buy me Clearasil until I was in high school), and picking at my dried lips until they bled.

Until today, I didn’t realize how serious this condition was until I read some websites. I’m 40 years old, but it’s never too late to let go of an old habit that no longer positively serves us.

I realized that my habit stems from past abuse (emotional, physical and sexual) and traumatic events that I still haven’t fully healed from, as much as I convince myself that I have.

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28-Breathtaking-Nature-and-Wildlife-PhotosPatience is a virtue that I lack, and I plan on changing that as well. Deep healing takes time. I believe certain stressful events trigger “negative” feelings from the past, which cause me to start picking. It’s been a form of relief ever since I was a kid.

Recently, I’ve temporarily released family members, friends, former co-workers and acquaintances who no longer resonate with me, and no longer positively serve my life. My oldest half-sister did me a huge favor and pointed out a hard-to-swallow fact that I still had certain issues that I needed to deal with that I thought were healed.

I say “temporarily” because I believe that as I change within myself, and become more positive, I will shift into another parallel reality that matches my higher frequency, and then see positive versions of those (who I have released) who are also willing to become more positive/their true essence/Unconditional Love Energy.

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red-planetI’ve learned/remembered that if I find myself surrounded by much negativity, especially by people who are habitually negative (e.g., chronically complaining, being pessimistic, being cynical, being dishonest, being gossipy-different from being social–being selfish, being unappreciative, etc.), then it’s time to remove myself from those situations so that I can work on changing myself/my own inner spirituality, since I can’t change others.

I’m grateful that they served as a mirror to reflect my own inner turmoil. I’m currently working on a post called, “Examination of True Love.”

Although I intuitively know that everything happens perfectly for everyone’s highest benefit, I believe my ego is still saddened by what appears to be a big chunk of loss in my life. I understand, and I will continue to empathize with, have compassion for, comfort, and encourage my ego to see the Light…that we are all on the same team.

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ab009945I’m grateful for this reminder. If you, too, could finally heal from a bad habit like face-picking, the following websites may be helpful: (There are plenty of resources out there in Google Land, so I’m sure you will find readings and videos that resonate with you as well)

When you can’t stop pick, pick, picking at your skin (<== Click on title to open and view in another window) (<== Click on title to open and view in another window)

It truly is a perfect time to be more aware and mindful, to be honest with self/to be authentic, to heal, to release what/who no longer positively serves us, to follow our path of joy/excitement/passion, to appreciate and savor the Moment of Now, to dream BIG, and just Be our essence, which is Unconditional Love Energy/Christ Consciousness/Peace/Joy/Truth/Wisdom/Freedom/Power/Creativity.

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The following video was helpful for me: (Click title below to watch from another window)

Transfoming the Female Wounded Warrior to the Divine Goddess´¯`·.¸.ღƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ


~ by Bobbie on October 22, 2013.

2 Responses to “Finally Releasing Another “Bad” Habit”

  1. Good on you Bobbie for having the awareness to try to change. It’s a huge step…

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