Following Divine Guidance Within

cropped-cropped-bright_golden_light_meditation_wu7j1I saw 8:33 three times yesterday, which is unusual for me to see the same number sequence more than once or twice.
I had a feeling that the angel numbers website that I use most frequently ( wasn’t giving me the full message that my soul was trying to communicate to me, so I asked my true self to guide me to the message, or to give me the message as an inner-knowing, since I believed in the significance of the repeated number sequence.
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monday-quotes-new-beginning-quotes12I came upon this video below, because my intuition told me that it was related to one of the videos with a total time of 8 minutes and 33 seconds.
The last time I wondered about my most frequently appearing number sequence (9:11), which I’ve been seeing almost daily—sometimes twice a day since 2011—I also asked my higher self if there was something more to the message that I was missing. I then came upon a video that was 9 minutes and 11 seconds long that was about starseeds from ArcturianStar.
The video captivated me due to its frequencies that sounded so refreshing, as well as the message that it conveyed. However, I sometimes caught myself doubting my own experience. I believe my ego self (who can be judgmental at times) made me feel arrogant and even guilty that I would dare perceive myself in such light.
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antics-nothing-is-impossibleHowever, I believe my true self whispered to follow my intuition. I wrote about three of my personal experiences that I intuitively sensed were related to the Arcturians, which I will publish soon.
While scrolling through the videos, I noticed that there were other videos with a total time of 8:11; however, I chose the one that resonated with me.
Because I’m not a baseball fan, my ego self  suggested that I don’t waste my time with this video (below) that I paused at; however, I followed my heart/true self/soul instead, and I’m glad I did.
I love the themes of this video, which include passion, determination, courage, strength, dedication, persistence, resilience and faith that nothing is impossible when you put your heart to it.
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Mr. Yang seems honest, diligent and humorous. He seems to have an old, wise soul and a BIG heart of a lion who desires to be a positive influence for the younger generation.
signs-from-spiritI can see how he earned his nickname as the god of baseball in Korea, and it’s not only because of his baseball skills and talent, but because of his great character.
This message came to me at Divine “right” timing and Divine “right” order. I thanked God/Goddess/All That Is for this inspiration that came from the least expected individual source, which further reminded me not to judge a book by its cover.
When we pay attention to our surroundings (outer world), as well as the still, small voice within us all (inner world), I believe we can always (and forever) commune with all aspects of our true selves/our higher selves/our souls/our angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters/other higher beings of the spiritual realm, to include Pleiadians, Sirians, Merpeople, Ashtar Command, Bashar, Abraham, and Arcturians/our multi-dimensional selves/our soul group//our expanded selves/God/Goddess/Spirit/Elohim/Universe/Multiverse/All That Is, which one depending on our frequency and level of consciousness in the Moment of Now.
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stendhal101754What we ask from our highest intentions, I believe we will always receive—the “when” depending on how ready our soul feels that we are.
If we’re not ready to receive yet, I believe it’s because we still have more experiences, skills, life lessons, people, wisdom, etc. to learn/remember, and/or we need to raise our vibration to a higher frequency, where we can tune into the parallel reality that we are seeking to experience (something I learned from Bashar, channeled through Daryyl Anka).
Spirit can give us answers through unlimited ways; and as long as we’re willing to Be extra sensitive, observant, understanding rather than judgmental, discerning, a good listener, an open mind and welcoming heart, and a believer, we will receive them.
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SynchronicityI no longer believe in coincidences. I believe that everything happens in Divine perfect timing and Divine perfect order for every soul’s highest good (their soul growth at their own pace), at the individual and collective soul level.
Ever since I turned 40, I started noticing more frequent positive synchronicities due to my choice of changing within. The more I work on Being my positive, authentic/true self/unconditional love to myself and others, the more I project this powerful love energy outward. Sure enough, my outer world—others, things, Mother Nature, events, situations, etc.—start to reflect back to me the light within me. 
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 APOmaximuscom8540264Granted, there are still times where the frequency of my natural vibration decreases (the lowest being fear energy, which is just a part of our love energy spectrum that we can raise any time we choose to); however, it no longer bothers me now because I understand that contracting and expanding our consciousness is just a natural phase of our soul growth.
The INNERview : Ep90C04 Yang Jun-hyuk Recoeded 2318 Hits in Total (<== click on title to view in another window)
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I added the following on January 9, 2014 regarding my most frequently appearing number sequence 9:11 (click on title of reading or video below to view in another window):

The comment is as follows:


I also have experienced this. Digging deeper I found information pointing to the true birth of Yahushua as September 11. Check it out.

One of the comments from the above post led me to this bible quote:

Proverbs 9:11

English Standard Version (ESV)

11 For by me your days will be multiplied,
and years will be added to your life.

  • Symbolic Meaning of Number 911 (one of the comments from the above post led me to this website)
  • ANGEL NUMBER 911 (I’ve been using this website for over two years now, ever since I continued to notice 11:11. Although it’s been very helpful, and continues to be, I had a feeling there was something more to this most frequently appearing number, 9:11, in my life, so I continued my search. I believe I’ve come full circle with this post, and I hope that it helps others as well.)
  • The following two paragraphs are from the link (, which helped me to better understand my most frequently repeating number sequence 9:11, which I’ve been looking forward to find out the full meaning of for a while now:

    9/11 A Metaphysical Perspective

    There is much to be said and rehashed about why 9/11 and its aftermath occurred. To me, the events of 9/11 were not by accident in terms of located and designation, in what I call the journey of the Masonic Program in time. This took us from creation in the Middle East, across the rest of the game board (continents) until alas events would culminate in the 21st century uniting – past and present – Masonic Symbology played out until the end returning to its origins in the Middle East.

    In numerology, 9 means endings. 11 is a power number and also links with twin spiraling DNA in the biogenetic human experiment of time and emotion. The imploding of the twin towers is a metaphor for the program coming into its final cycle as consciousness evolves – returns to its natural state of light. The numeric code 11:11 triggers souls to that end.


    9/11 9=Endings. 11=DNA. 911=ending code of our DNA program in this reality.

Also checkout my post, “A Deeper Understanding of My Journey of 9:11, 11:11, 12:12 and 13:13”


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