My Winter Facebook Cleanse for 2014

beautiful-winter-scenewallpapersI made a decision after some thought tonight, and I saw 11:11 right afterwards, which reassured me that my previous thoughts and action were in alignment with my true self/soul/angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters/other higher beings of the spiritual realm/God/Goddess/All That Is because I followed my intuition and inner wisdom/Divine guidance.

Ever since I’ve been working on Being my authentic, true self/soul, I’ve had some challenges, which is imperfectly perfect since a part of our soul growth involves contracting and expanding our consciousness.

For instance, I thought that being authentic meant working on accepting everything in my life the way it is in the Moment of Now, since EVERYTHING is part of God/Goddess/All That Is.

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1962117354_1375670481Although I believe there is still truth to that statement, we must still be real with our own feelings; otherwise, we’re not respecting and loving ourselves, which equates to not Being authentic.

We can accept something as it is or someone as they are, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be from a distance. For example, we can be accepting of other types of food, music, clothing, car models, entertainment,  ideas and even people, but it doesn’t mean we have to have them actively in our lives.

That’s what preferences are for, as well as the importance of whether or not we resonate with something or someone…or not. Being able to freely and joyfully choose what we prefer helps us to feel FREE and happy.

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The_Rainbow_Bridge_by_RoaguewolfI’ve learned (as a human being)/remembered (as a soul) from other spiritual beings—to include fascinating Bashar (channel through Daryll Anka) and my angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters—that following our path of joy (i.e., choosing to do what excites us—even something small—in every Moment of Now as much as possible) is choosing to do and Be what our soul desires to do and Be. Note: See bottom of post for a quoted section of Bashar’s core concepts.

When we’re continuously around something or someone who doesn’t resonate with us, we don’t feel good; and by trying to make ourselves enjoy what we don’t resonate with, just to make our ego self feel “acceptable” or “good” in society’s eyes, is just lying to ourselves, which is the same as lying to others.

If we don’t resonate with eating sushi, but yet, we eat it because it’s the “in” thing to do, then we’re not being authentic. If we can’t stand heavy metal or hard rap music, but we go to one of the concerts because our friends love it, we’re not being authentic. We don’t have to do everything that our friends love to do and vice versa.

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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????If we believe from deep within our hearts in a certain idea or belief, but yet, we allow others’ opinions and/or judgments sway us off our course, then we’re not being authentic.

If we don’t like the taste of cigarettes, or the way too much alcohol makes us feel out of control, but we allow ourselves to be pressured by so-called friends, then we’re not being authentic.

When others don’t care whether or not they dump their “negativity” garbage on us on a habitual basis (key word being habitual, since everyone has their “bad” days), and we allow them to…then we’re not respecting ourselves and loving ourselves unconditionally; hence, not being authentic.

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WinterScenesKariLiimatainen1It’s time to Be authentic.

I finally said to myself, “Let’s keep it real by no loner trying to convince yourself that this space will get better the more you understand and have compassion for those who are “stuck” in their dark clouds and aren’t ready to take the next step that you would like them to take. They will at their time.

Focus on your own inner spiritual growth. And meanwhile, release what no longer positively serves your life. Remember, self- respect and self love helps you to fully accept and unconditionally love others as well. You still dread logging onto Facebook, even though you used to enjoy it. Before we break it down…are you ready to admit it?”

The following reasons are why you dread going onto Facebook for the past couple of years or more, and it’s completely understandable: (Although you don’t mind seeing the following every now and then, it’s the continuous, back-to-back-to-back bombardment of “negativity” that drains you…as it would anyone else)

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  • Political posters (especially hateful, anti-Obama ones) while posting messages about God’s love, as well as other non-stop contradicting posters. There is such thing as an overload. Lesson Learned=> I understand it stems from a fear-based belief system.
  • “I’m so miserable” or “my life sucks” type of comments (in which no amount of comforting, soothing, active listening, suggesting, advice giving, resource sharing, etc. helps). Lesson Learned=>I understand it stems from a “victim” mentality and a lack of self-awareness and self-love.
  • Manipulative posters (e.g., “If you love Jesus or God, do this or that or MUST SHARE” or “If you love your winter photo 1family…basically prove it by sharing this poster”)
  • TMI (TOO MUCH INFO) x 10 = I don’t need to know practically every single detail of one’s DAILY life (i.e., almost every thought, feeling, intention, spoken words, actions, plans for the weekend, discussion with others, etc. Constantly needing to post excessive details on Facebook throughout the day tells me that the self image (of proving to others that one is SUPER happy) is much more important than actually enjoying the Moment of Now with loved ones). Lesson Learned=>I understand it stems from a lack of confidence in one’s own happiness, and a lack of self-esteem (constantly trying to prove to others of one’s happiness, and needing other’s constant attention and approval).
  • TMI x 8 =Sharing pictures of food and drinks way too often. Again, I enjoy seeing a picture of something special one ate or drank every now and then, but not every day or every other day.  Lesson Learned=>I understand it stems from wanting to be continuously noticed, liked and accepted (there’s a higher chance that food and drinks will be “liked” and accepted by others).    Note: Thank you for image on right.
  • beautiful-winter-scene-in-park-wallpapers-tBeing informed of another’s disloyalty (someone trying to create separation rather than unity); sensing other’s intentions that don’t’ stem from true friendship; sensing that a so-called “friend” has ulterior motives (e.g., secretly hoping to be more than just friends). Lesson Learned=>I understand it stems from a lack of trust within oneself, and a lack of self-love.
  • There were certain people who “friend requested” me whom I’ve known before, but were never friends with; I used to be naive thinking that they actually wanted to start a new friendship, but their lack of or zero interaction over time immediately informed me that they had other intentions (i.e., possibly obtaining personal info to gossip about with others or just needing to add another person to their list of “friends”). Lesson Learned=>I understand that it stems from a lack of self-respect and self-love.
  • People not replying to more than three messages. Maybe they missed the first or second message (or they were busy), but not replying to more than three raises an eyebrow, especially if that person actively participates on Facebook. Lesson Learned=>I understand that it stems from a lack of self-respect and self-love.  Note: Thank you  for image on right.

winter-19I posted a message on my wall (a while back) about the last bullet, one of the reasons why I was narrowing down my FB list. I mentioned that if there’s no effort to reply more than twice (or even more than three times), what’s the point of even being “friends” on Facebook? Is it solely to have hundreds of so-called “friends” on the list? What’s the intention?

However, regarding the other bullets…I didn’t even bother to mention them, because that’s just what they prefer to do, and that’s okay, because that’s their opinions, thoughts, feelings, preferences, beliefs, personalities, etc.

I just prefer not to be around it anymore. It’s like having to go through a HUGE pile of dirt, pebbles, rocks and even boulders, just to get to a handful of delightfully light and heavenly Hershey Kiss chocolates. Rather than being physically exhausted, one becomes mentally, emotionally and spiritually exhausted.

I informed them of the reason that I was downsizing my FB list (to only interact with some direct family members and a few others whom I fully trust), thanked them, and wished them the best in life (in detail), because I truly wish for them to Be happy.

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3d-abstract_hdwallpaper_beautiful-winter-sunrise-in-the-forest-hd1080p_45188I had mentioned to them all recently that if I wasn’t able to fully love them unconditionally, it was due to my own lack of self-love, and that I’m working on it.

If they are a mirror of what I even slightly judge (of my shadow self), then I release my ego self’s judgments of them with deeper understanding, empathy, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, embrace and unconditional love as they continue on their journeys of another path.

I understand that they habitually speak and act from a fear-based belief system due to their own soul forgetfulness (not remembering their true self), but it’s not my place to try and change them, and it’s not my responsibility to be around them when they’re not willing or ready to change. We all go through our soul growth at our own pace since we have free will.

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Beautiful-Winter-winter-7853265-500-401I have to keep reminding myself (until it sinks in) that I’m not here to change anyone, and I’m working on releasing the need to be in the ‘rescue mode.’ The only person I need to focus on changing or rescuing is myself, since everyone is a reflection of my light or shadow.

From what I’ve observed so far, the more I change within myself, the more my outer world reflects that change, which makes me happy. However, I must continue to release what no longer positively serves me during this process so that I’m not continuously distracted by “negativity”/illusions.

By forcing myself to continue to Be in a space that doesn’t bring me peace, love or joy is not being respectful and loving to myself, which causes resentment toward others.

Now that I’ve narrowed down my list, I feel like a huge load was taken off my back. I no longer have to spend my time on Facebook scrolling through back-to-back “negativity.”

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winter-wonderland-philip-straubI look forward to participating on Facebook with my small circle of close, positive, loving and loyal family members and friends whom I resonate with.

I believe, the more I change for the positive within myself (to my authentic, true self), I will eventually cross paths again with those who make similar choices, since we’re constantly shifting into parallel realities that match our frequency in the Moment of Now.

The more we raise our vibrations and maintain them (at our own pace/soul growth), we will shift into a more positive reality…and eventually meet again as soul brothers and sisters, whether it’s in this life time or another…or when we ALL return to All That Is.

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The following are just a few quoted sections from the wonderful website ( that were very helpful to me, although I’m still working on making them mine:

Some of the Core Concepts of Bashar

Follow your excitement!   
Finding your Purpose in Life.
Act on it! Excitement is caused by a resonance with your Higher Self.   Excitement is a “sign” that the activity you are contemplating is aligned with your Higher Self, and this alignment is what causes the excitement.  This naturally leads you to what you are “meant” to be doing – what your Soul “hopes” your will free-will chooses to do. This is your “Purpose”.    So this is the simple yet effortlessly-effective way to find your life’s “Purpose”.

Mechanically, “excitement” is a high state of resonant-excitation that occurs when the Thinking+Intentions of the physical dimension self are sharply aligned with the Thinking+Intentions of its own Higher Self.

So excitement serves as a “compass” – to let you know when you’re “on course” – when you are doing or contemplating doing exactly what your Higher Self would just love to have you be doing.

When you follow your excitement, and do what excites you, this means that :

1. This activity is “you” (truly aligned with your Soul). 
2. Because it is “you”, this activity is effortless for you. 
3. Because it is “you”, the universe will support you  (including financial support) to continue doing this, in progressively more expanding ways.

Following your excitement is following the “signs” your Higher Self is giving – to lead you in the most DIRECT way possible to what it “hopes” your free-will will choose to do, which is the same as your life’s Purpose.    The catch is this:

Even if following your excitement means doing something seemingly trivial and unprofound, even then, just do it!   

Because proceeding towards doing this seemingly mundane thing, might lead you to meet someone, or discover something, that is just “perfect” for furthering your Life’s purpose.

IMPORTANT consideration:
“Follow your Excitement – with INTEGRITY”.     Bashar defines “integrity” to mean, NOT any particular moral standard, but instead: Realizing that everything is a whole (integer), and you are one with the whole. And therefore, (Golden Rule), you treat everyone and everything with the same respect and consideration and care that you would want them to treat you.

“Follow your Excitement – with INTEGRITY“.

If you have something to give, in the reality you are creating, there are people ready to receive it. If someone has a song to sing, there is an audience in that reality to hear it. 

Fear or anxiety is excitement with a negative judgement projected onto it. 
Fear/anxiety  =  Excitement  plus negative judgement

Remove the negative judgement, and you have Excitement. 
Fear/anxiety  with the  negative judgement  removed =  Excitement

Trusting your Timing

We, as our Higher Self (Over-Soul) actually creates Time (as we experience it).     Our Higher Self exists outside Time and Space.   It projects portions of itself into specific time/space holograms (time/space matrixes), which we then experience as an incarnation.    So, from the point of view of any one incarnation, there is time, there is “past, present, and future”.     But from the point of view of the Higher Self, there is no Time. It’s all happening NOW. It’s just one big Eternal-NOW.  So keep in mind that our Higher Self  is creating the actual “time” that we are experiencing in a linear fashion.

When we intensely want to do something now, and it is easily possible to do it, no problem. We just do it.
But if we intensely want to do something now, and it is NOT possible to do it NOW, we are then at a critical decision-junction:

      We can choose to interpret this as 
                “I am not getting what I want.”
      Or, we can choose to interpet this as 
                “I always get what I want. If it’s not available now, then there must be an excellent reason for this.”

Which of these choices we make is critical in determining the outcome, as this choice is equivalent to selecting a BELIEF, and we then experience the outcome aligned with that belief.

If you choose to interpret the situation as 
      “I am not getting what I want.”, 
then, sure enough, you will continue to not get what you want.

But the alternative is this:
Choose to interpret this situation (of not being able to do what you want to do NOW) as
     “I always get what I want.” 
     “I always get what I want. If it’s not available now, there must be an excellent reason for this.”

You see, often our Higher Self “arranges” time in such a way that we do not get what we want when we initially want it, only because it wants us to first accumulate certain experiences, certain skills, certain appreciations, certain connections with other people, certain awarenesses – FIRST!    So that when we do get to experience this thing we want, we will then be appreciating it and enjoying it on a much deeper and more profound level.

So when you want to do something and it is not immediately available, REMEMBER: Your Higher Self is merely delaying this experience, so you get some other experiences first, so that you may enjoy and appreciate this thing you want EVEN MORE, when you do get it.

So when you want to do something and it is not immediately available, TRUST YOUR TIMING.

Do not buy into the belief that 
            “I do not get what I want.”

Instead, remind yourself:
      “I always get what I want.” 
      “I always get what I want. If it’s not available now, then my Higher Self must have some experiences it wishes me to have first, so that when I do
            get what I want, I’ll be able to enjoy it even more. I’ll be able to enjoy it on a much richer, deeper basis.”

Positive Synchronicity 

When you “follow your excitement” in the moment, each “now” moment, this leads to “Positive Synchronicity” –
things “magically” working out in a way that is delightfully & surprisingly pleasing.    

When you ignore your excitement, and are instead led by your fears and worries, this leads to “Negative Synchronicity” – upsetting events – the very things you wished to avoid.

“Positive Synchronicity” is the occurrence of events that are perfect reflections of your preferences and desires.
“Negative Synchronicity” is the occurrence of events that are perfect reflections of your fears and doubts.

All beliefs are equally valid. 
(since each belief generates its own self-validating reality). 

Whatever your belief, the universe will support and validate that belief by attracting the circumstances, situations, opportunities and people into your life that will reinforce that “version” of reality.


~ by Bobbie on December 12, 2013.

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