Let’s Use the Most Powerful Tool: The Violet Flame

0I came upon this meditation video by following Divine guidance, and wanted to share it with others because it’s the first time that I heard an explanation of the Violet Flame color, which I wasn’t aware of before. The quote below is from this video:

“The Violet Flame of God’s infinite perfection is the most powerful tool available to help us accelerate the integration of our I AM Presence. It is the perfect balance of our Father God’s blue flame of Power and Divine Will and our Mother God’s pink flame of Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life. This sacred fire will transmute the etheric records and memories asscoiated with the ‘negative’ behavior patterns that we left behind by our human egos…” 

Note: Thank you www.squidoo.com  for image on right.

9685484_origBefore I came upon this info, I had sporadically used the easy to remember mantra, “I AM a Being of Violet Fire. I AM the purity God desires” for 5-15 repetitions (details in post below), depending how I felt that day.  Now that I’m aware that it’s the most powerful tool (and WHY), I will be using it daily and often. I hope it helps you as well! ^_^

I added the following video to my already published post, “My Mesmerizing Spiral of God Experience ^_^” on 12/13/13 since my use of the Violet Flame mantra seemed to have correlated with my light yellow, spiral of light experience:

Integrating the I AM Presence 

Ms. Patricia Robles has such a soothing and beautiful voice that I imagine feels like being embraced in a mother’s comforting arms of gentle, unconditional love.

Note: Thank you www.sacredword.org for image on left.

Added to already published post on December 19, 2013:

  • Ashtar – Violet Flame (I noticed the total time of this video—11:11—while watching videos channeling Arcturian messages, and decided to check it out. I enjoyed it)

Added to already published post on January 8, 2014:



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