Our Intricate Yet Simple Interconnection

080328104302-largeI came upon the video, “Amen…” below after meditating on my powerful and positive Pleiadian “I AM” affirmations  video.

I thanked God/Goddess/All That Is again for guiding me to this answer that I had wondered about at some point.

Note: Thank you www.sciencedaily.com for image on right.

Ever since I can remember, I had a strong attraction to the ancient civilizations and cultures, especially the Egyptians and Native Americans, but I didn’t know why.

ancient-egyptian-artdesign-history--egyptian-art-----episode--4-animhut-rb04kv65I’m also fascinated by the existence of celestial beings, as well as other living beings throughout our universe and beyond.

In my opinion, to not believe in the possible existence of other living things and beings throughout the multiverse seems arrogant.

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Beautiful-gift-box-cover-vector-design-1After all, ancestors throughout the world have passed down stories about star beings, and I have a gut feeling that they didn’t just pull it out of their ass.

Well, the following video has been very helpful to my further understanding of how God, Jesus,”Son of God,” the Sun, Jesus’ disciples, quotes from the bible, the Egyptians, the pyramids, the Eye of Horus/Third Eye, the symbols on the dollar bill, the significance of the number 12 and 13, ancient aliens, etc. all tie nicely together like a delicate and pretty bow tie on a beautifully wrapped Christmas gift. What a blessing today! ^_^

Pleiades_largeNote: Thank you www.downloadpsds.com for beautiful image on right.


Also, thank you to Mynzah!!! =D Check out her blog and captivating art work ==> http://mynzah.com/

Amen… (<== click on title of video to watch from another window)

Note: Thank you www.pleiadiannetwork.com for image on left.

I believe the following videos have also contributed to my recent, wonderful experiences as well:

Note: Thank you www.spiritualvoicecoach.com for Divine Feminine Energy/Consciousness image on right.

Beautiful-golden-light-butterfly_1600x900On December 7, 2013, I was meditating on this video right above, and my laptop froze; I instantly looked at the clock, and it was 11:11, which confirmed why I resonated with this video.

In my angel journal this day, I typed the following note, including my repeating number synchronicity (in italics):

Note: Thank you best-wallpaper.net  for beautiful image on left. 

david-puus-golden-wave-of-light11:11 (my “I AM” video froze; looked at clock and it was 11:11; was wondering if the video had anything to do with my experience this morning).

I wrote about my experience that morning in my recent post, “My Mesmerizing Spiral of God Experience.”

Note: Thank you www.thedailylama.net for beautiful image on right. 

This post includes the mention of the Eye of Horus, as well as how I believe that my recent positive synchronicities of having extraordinary experiences, seeing 11:11, 12:12, 13:13, and hearing beeping tones (rather than the usual fluctuating, musical tones) seemed to all be visually correlated with one another.

The angels numbers website that I use daily (http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com) states that 13 6a00d8349ca72c53ef016767b77a79970b-500wirepresents the presence of Goddess.

On 12/13/13, I came upon a video called “Integrating the I AM Presence,” which elaborates on the importance of the Violet Flame color, which I never heard before.

Note: Thank you stirringthesenses.typepad.com for image on left.

I added a segment of it to my already published post, “My Mesmerizing Spiral of God Experience,” and then decided to create a new post, Let’s Use the Most 

lifeenergy2_kirlianvioletflamePowerful Tool: The Violet Flame” because I believed in its significance, and wanted to share it with others.

The following is one sentence of the quoted paragraph that I typed from a small portion of the video:

” It is the perfect balance of our Father God’s blue flame of Power and Divine Will and our Mother God’s pink flame of Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life.” 

Note: Thank you www.oneness4all.com for perfect image on right.

pleiadiansIt’s one thing to be aware of the concept of interconnectivity (which seems invisible most of the times), but it’s quite another to actually see and comprehend some of the details of how it all plays out.

I believe the “Arcturian Sacred Geometry” video below (which includes a sacred geometry image of “interconnectivity”) has also helped me to have some of these amazing positive synchronicities so far.

Faith is truly about “believing before seeing,” not the other way around.

Note: Thank you azurite888voyager.blogspot.com for image on left. 


The following section is from the website (http://love2ascend.com/?page_id=104), and the image is also included in the video below:

Everything on your planet is connected in a web of light filaments. This graphic shows you that this matrix of light is real and an illusion at the same time. You can tap into this matrix and read the lines of light, because all is interconnected. One line of light leads to all lines of light. Everything is a point of light in a holographic interconnected creation. Contemplate what this means as you gaze at this image.

Intention Meditation
I am a point of light in the endless web of light.

Arcturian Sacred Geometry (<== click on title of video to watch from another window)

Note: Thank you love2ascend.com for image on right.


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