The Leverage of Responding Rather Than Reacting

16267-you-cant-wait-for-other-people-to-bring-you-happiness-you_247x200_widthI’m sure most of us have experienced having a great day until something unpleasant came along, and we allowed it to pretty much ruin the rest of our day. Depending on what perspective one chooses, the fact that I’ve finally decided to stop reacting to similar, past events at the age of 40 can be a sad thing or a great thing.

I chose the “better late than never” saying because I’ve recently realized that I’m sooo tired of the same, old, predictable doo doo that’s been occurring throughout my life.

Therefore, I chose to  learn (as a human being)/remember (as a soul) to change from within, so that I can eventually project my true essence (unconditional love energy) onto the outer world, which will reflect it back to me like a mirror.

I’ve noticed that life just becomes so much easier when I choose a positive attitude, positive perspective and positive outlook. Sounds great, right? Of course, it’s much easier said than done. However, it is very doable if one is adamant about succeeding.

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944527_591431184223665_1774917344_nI noticed that whenever I plan on a certain change within myself…I eventually attract challenges that come with it. This is completely understandable because it’s easy to talk the talk; the true challenge is to walk the walk.

I’ve learned from various spiritual teachers that we (our true self/soul) send these experiences to ourselves for our own soul growth. So when “bad” stuff show up at our doorstep, we can either open the door, smile at them and welcome them into our space (go with the flow and transmute them), or we can avoid it (run away from it), fight fire with fire (“negative” with “negative”), or resist them (suppress them). However, “what we resist…persists.” (Neale Donald Walsch/NDW quote).

Today, I was having a good day, until I checked my e-mail account. I received a comment on my blog which didn’t exactly stem from loving energies; it didn’t feel good at all, and I felt my vibrational frequency drop.

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01d113aceda284614907bb11d8c833ddThe old me might have given this anonymous person a sense of my roaring vibrations; however, I believe my true self reminded me of my recent goals, to include responding to situations from love, rather than reacting from past, similar fearful experiences.

I then sensed that the one word comment was intended to provoke a “negative” reaction from me, and I even had a quick vision of who it may be, which surprised me, because I had never experienced that before. But rather than feed his/her ego self with more “negative” energy, I decided to have compassion for him/her with unconditional love energy.

I took a deep breath, deleted the comment, and thanked my angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters for helping me to release any concerns I may have about another’s opinions or judgment to them to be transmuted and healed.

I then thanked God/Goddess/All That Is for sending me a good challenge for my soul growth, and meditated on my Violet Flame mantra, which worked out perfectly since I had published a post about the Violet Flame earlier today.

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Positive-Attitude-Quotes-Be-miserable.-Or-motivate-yourself.-Whatever-has-to-be-done-its-always-your-choice.-1024x680I’m in the process of working on embracing whatever shows up in my life, whether “good or “bad” since I’m willing to balance my karma. This doesn’t mean that I just take a beating from the so-called “bad” stuff of life by tolerating everything, but I focus on seeing it from a positive perspective…like seeing through the eyes of Universal Love, and then release it.

And since I don’t ever recall leaving an ‘other than nice’ comment on someone’s blog or website, I figured the blessing in disguise/life lesson stemmed from something else I had done that didn’t stem from love as well, whether it was from this lifetime or a past lifetime.

Or perhaps I was just looking at it all ‘wrong.’ Perhaps I just needed to bump up my game by adding another burst of positive energy again. I chose to believe that I received the ‘test’ in order to pass it with flying colors. No one was going to ruin my day.

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Quotation-Scottie-Somers-perseverance-motivation-love-knowledge-power-creativity-imagination-dreams-friends-day-happiness-inspirAn idea popped into my mind to eliminate any lingering hurtful feelings that I had. I told myself, “Imagine for a moment that it’s tomorrow, and you just found out that you miraculously won the lottery—clearly visualize it and then FEEL it as if it already happened. Now, do you still give a rat’s ass about a small comment someone made that stemmed from their own “negative”/low vibrating/dense/dark/fear energy? Exactly. You wouldn’t want to waste another nanosecond thinking about it! Why? Because it’s petty stuff that just takes up space in your mind. Let it go. There are far greater things to focus on…like co-creating your version of Heaven on Earth in this lifetime, “becoming the grandest version of the greatest vision you ever had about yourself” (a NDW quote), and accomplishing your soul mission! If that person doesn’t have it in them to at least make some constructive criticism, then their words aren’t worth thinking about. Just send them your unconditional forgiveness and unconditional love, and then continue enjoying the Moment of Now.” I thanked my true self.

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544252_177860509035453_625236882_n-195x300I also saw back-to-back number synchronicities, which reminded me to look up the meanings in my angel numbers website. I was grateful to receive much Divine guidance, encouragements, support, and wisdom from my angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters as well.

I even saw sparks of white light in my left peripheral vision a few times, which is way more than usual since I usually only experience that once in a while. I felt that was my higher beings of light reminding me of their support, which gave me a warm feeling.

Had I not taken a moment to imagine the existence of highly evolved spiritual beings, as well as other life forms, just within this particular, vast universe, I would’ve ended up dismissing all of the amazing, positive synchronicities I’ve experienced so far; hence, missing out on the miracles of life.

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