Powerful Indigo Children Leading By Example

indigo4 (1)“The older children (approximately ages 7 through 25), are called “Indigo Children.”
They share some characteristics with the Crystal Children. Both generations are highly sensitive and psychic, and have important life purposes. The main difference is their temperament. Indigos have a warrior spirit, because their collective purpose is to mash down old systems that no longer serve us. They are here to quash government, educational and legal systems that lack integrity. To accomplish this end, they need tempers and fiery determination…”  http://www.angeltherapy.com

My Awe-Inspiring Daughter

I was talking to my teenage daughter yesterday, and I was blown away again by her compassionate heart, which is way beyond her years. I shared with her my heart-felt thoughts of why she’s so amazing, and how proud of her I am.

She delivered boxes of toys to poor neighborhoods, supporting a charity group of her choice from her Student Council committee. At one of the houses, she experienced seeing poverty at its lowest and heart-breaking moments, which I believe expanded her heart.

Note: Thank you babybumpacademy.com for creative image on right.

Ever since she was a toddler, my daughter was so thoughtful. She used to send me these creative and colorful drawings with kinds words that melted my heart. I collected them throughout the years, and I admire them whenever I have the urge to go through all the pictures and photos of my beautiful babies.

At such a young age, she’s continuously volunteering to help and uplift humanity with her generous time, her loving presence, and her wonderful giving nature; her actions speaks volumes. I told her that she’s done much more humanitarian work than any adult I’ve ever personally known.

Although her “tough on the outside” self makes comments like, “I just do it because I have nothing else to do,” I know the truth of her “teddy-bear on the inside” self. Plus, I noticed throughout life that the ones who say they’re not nice, or act grumpy, are often times the ones who have the softest hearts.

Although my daughter and my son often bicker with one another (especially during their tween and teenage years) like most siblings do, I love witnessing moments where they share their deep love for one another.

During every visit with my kids, I always experience something to take back with me that I will forever treasure in my heart. When my daughter was around 4, and my son 3,  she told me that when they (my kids and my first/ex-husband) dropped me off at the airport (at the end of the visit), my son would start crying after I walked away with my suitcase. She continued that it would make her start crying as well. Those very words were like daggers to my heart.

The next year, towards the end of my visit, I nagged at them a bit. No one misses a nagging mom; I know, because I didn’t miss my mom at first, when I left Korea after high school. Maybe that was her goal as well.

At one point, I went overboard and made my son cry. I peeked around the corner of the hotel room, and I saw my daughter hug her little brother and comfort him like a big sister that she is…gently saying, “It’s okay__, I’m here.”

It was the most precious thing I had ever seen between two, small children. They were like two, little angels embracing one another in the light, and I felt like I was the Boogie-woman hiding in the darkness. Although I felt bad for nagging more than necessary, I also felt a sense of warmth and peace in my heart that everything was going to be just fine.

Although my daughter likes to portray the tough sister image sometimes, and act as if she’s insensitive to others’ needs, I noticed that whenever my son’s mood drastically drops (which is seldom because he’s often very patient with others’ less than patient temperament), my daughter puts forth great effort to cheer him up with her great sense of humor and goofiness.

My first/ex-husband’s wife, an earth angel, who I wrote about in my post, “Dream Mother,” mentioned that she often noticed how my daughter is such a good leader within her group of friends, often encouraging them to make positive choices together.

In junior high school, she decided to become a vegetarian after watching “Food Inc.” in class, and she’s still going strong. I told her I don’t know how she does it, because I lasted a month, and started eating meat again (although not as often) because I had such a strong craving for it.

My daughter is a natural-born compassionate soul, a bringer of justice, truth and peace, and a humanitarian who will continue to send out many ripples of unconditional love energy out to the universe.

When she hears something that doesn’t ring true, she’s doesn’t hesitate to assertively state the truth with tact, whether it’s to her classmates, friends, family members, and even strangers. She is also a powerful voice for those who are unable to stand up for themselves.

My first/ex-husband once told me, when she was in elementary school, that he was amazed by her fearlessness. He’s right, she has a warrior spirit filled with powerful thunder and lighting and sparkles of bright love energy.

Sometimes, when one is used to soaring up high, it’s hard to face the drops in elevation every now and then. My first/ex-husband’s wife once told me that it surprised her when my daughter came home one day devastated because she received one B instead of all A’s, which she normally receives.

At that moment, she reminded me of me when I was in high school multiplied by three. Although my first/ex-husband, his wife, my husband and I encourage our kids to strive for the best, we’re not strict, so we continue to encourage her to not be so hard on herself.

When my daughter was in elementary school, my first/ex-husband’s wife and I watched nearby as my daughter brushed her hair into a ponytail. We were both amazed how precise she was while gathering all the uneven strands of hair. It was like time traveling to the past, and watching me as a kid brushing my hair.

When she was in elementary school, she even volunteered to cut her long and beautiful hair so that she could donate it to children with cancer. She often participates in 5K’s that support various charitable organizations, to include the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Although she claims that she doesn’t like kids, she visits youth centers (with her church group) in poor neighborhoods on a weekly basis to play with them, she participated in a national gathering where she spent quality time with international children needing support, and she (and her youth group) offers free babysitting service for the adults at her church during certain time periods.

Whenever I see pictures of her with kids from various events, I can tell how happy she is to be with them, and how the children are drawn to her warm and sparkling presence. Even her toddler sister is often following her around, wanting to brush her hair, or to just bask in her loving and sometimes fiery glow.

I told my daughter I don’t know how she manages to accomplish so much each day; she’s like Supergirl. In addition to achieving high grades in school, she participates in all kinds of extracurricular activities, to include sports. Then, during her off hours, she volunteers for more events.

When she was younger and used to play softball during the summer months, I was so impressed with her very fast pitch which was also razor-sharp. In high school, she would practice tennis up to four hours a day for up to five days a week during the summer. Her determination to Be one of the best was just mind-blowing.

One day, my daughter sounded disappointed that she came in second place in one of tennis matches. I shared with her my belief about healthy competitiveness, and how so-called “losing” sometimes helps another to experience winning. I also explained how losing sometimes helps one to better appreciate winning.

I think she was more disappointed in the fact that the girl she had lost to was being rude to her own mother; hence, she didn’t deserve to win the match. I reminded my daughter that she, too, is sometimes rude to me, and my daughter then added that the girl shouted to her mother to shut up. I understood where she was coming from, and just listened.

Although a part of me wanted to further explain my beliefs about that situation, I didn’t feel that it was the perfect time for that. I thought of the following quote in the bible: “for He makes His sun to rise on the evil and on the good and sends the rain on the just and the unjust”. Matthew 5:45.

I believe the whole “good” vs “evil” and “right” vs “wrong” are just part of duality that helps us human beings to experience the physical plane of earth as spiritual beings.

If we were always surrounded by “good,” we would never fully appreciate it since it would soon lose its profound meaning. Opposites help us to compare the ups and downs, the hot and cold, so that we can better define ourselves and the concepts that we choose to experience.

When someone around us is rude, and we disagree with that type of action, it helps us define ourselves as “someone who doesn’t support being rude to others.”

Therefore, rather than judging them, we can look deeper and clearer (through the eyes of God), and thank them for their existence since they’ve helped us to better define ourselves. After all, if everyone was super nice, how would we know how nice we were?

I believe the so-called “rude” girl won that particular game, and my daughter didn’t win that particular game because it was the best thing to happen for both their soul growth. I believe that everything happens in Divine perfect timing and Divine perfect order for the highest benefit for every soul’s growth.

When someone is rude, it stems from anger, and anger ultimately stems from fear. Instead of processing her fear of possibly losing a match that she felt she absolutely had to win in a healthy manner, she more than likely and unintentionally took out her anger to the person she felt the most comfortable with…her own mother, who she was confident would continue to love her unconditionally.

My Awe-Inspiring Son

My teenage son is also an amazing gift to humanity, although his way of contributing to society is more subtle, like a wind’s cool whisper on a warm summer’s day, or the appearance of a translucent, colorful rainbow after the rain.

His keen observation skills allows him to notice those who others often don’t notice. He’s that popular kid who even befriends the unpopular kids because his heart overflows with compassion.

During a field trip, he found out that one of his classmates didn’t have enough money to buy lunch at Pizza Hut, so my son offered to buy it for him. I told him how proud I was of him for being so thoughtful and generous.

It’s uncomfortable to be the only kid without enough money to buy something that everyone else is buying, so I’m sure he appreciated the kindness. Plus, he must have sensed that my son was safe enough to approach without being judged, since they weren’t even friends.

Although I tease my son about his tendency to be very frugal, I can tell he has a very generous heart. On Father’s Day, he was willing to buy my first/ex-husband a smoker, which I’m pretty sure is almost $100, if not more. However, his father politely declined, and mentioned that he probably wouldn’t use it much. I believe he just wanted to save our son from spending too much money.

My son also has a great sense of humor, which he often uses to make others smile and laugh, especially during situations that could use some uplifting, positive energy. He’s been voted as the most interesting kid in his class a couple of times, and he also continuously receives rewards for his good behavior, consistent school attendance and high grades.

Once, he told me that him and his dad (since my first/ex-husband can also be very frugal) bought a bulk basket of lotions (to save money) and then hid it so that they could give them as gifts to the females members of the family (my first/ex-husband’s wife and our daughter) throughout the year. It was pretty funny, but I wasn’t surprised that they both decided to do that. I’m pretty sure the gals shook their heads side to side as well.

Other times, my son puts a lot of thought into buying others gifts. When he was little, he bought me a tiny angel magnet with “mom” engraved in it. It’s still on my fridge today.

My first/ex- husband and I had a talk once, when my son was a toddler, about how he sometimes speaks profound words that leaves us baffled, yet deeply touched. Even my current husband and I agreed that he must be an old soul.

When my son was a toddler, I had to drop him off at a daycare for a few hours in order to take a college class. The first day was the hardest because he cried so passionately. The staff had to practically gently pull me away from the monitor, and encouraged me to go, and that he would be just fine.

One day, when my toddler son asked me, “Mama, you don’t love me?” I felt like my heart shattered into a million pieces. I asked him why he thought that, and he replied, “Because you leave me at daycare.” I explained to him the best way I could, and hoped that he would understand me. When I told my first husband at the time, he gently replied, “Yeah, he says things like that.”

When I was at my first duty station in Korea, where family members couldn’t go with us on our tour, I had a heartbreaking phone conversation. My toddler son at the time assertively shouted at one point with a demanding tone, “Mama! Come home NOW!!!

That strong, yet gentle spirit, is even more apparent today. Not only does he strive to be spiritually fit, but his determination to be mentally and physically fit is quite impressive. His strong discipline to drink and eat healthy foods on a daily basis is motivating, and he shares good advice and recipes since he enjoys cooking as well.

My first/ex-husband and his wife, as well as my husband and I even tease him about how he eats and sometimes acts like an old man—loving raisin brand cereal, choosing wheat bread over white bread, not liking food that kids typically enjoy—like bologna, ketchup, hot dogs, McDonald’s french fries, etc.—and how he used to say with a deep voice, “SILENCE!”

My son’s continuous dedication to improving his run time for track and cross-country is inspiring. Like his sister, he often participates in 5K’s that supports various charitable organizations, as well as volunteers for various church and charitable events that helps children and the poor neighborhoods.

My son’s creativity is beyond his years. Ever since he was little, my first/ex- husband and his wife shared with me stories of how creative he is, and showed me a collection of his pictures. I noticed that he’s very meticulous with the details of his artwork.

I believe his continuously growing imagination will take him beyond the stars. When he was in elementary school, he was really good at impersonating certain characters, especially Yoda, and he sounded just like him.

Once, at one of the theme parks, I think Disney Land, he got really excited about this t-shirt that read in the front, “Judge me by my size to do you?” and the back displayed Yoda standing in front of a measuring stick, where he’s too short to get on the ride. I loved it too, so we decided to each buy a pair.

Even when my son goes shopping, he seems to contemplate the meaning of life as he stands in front of two shirts that appear very similar in design. Like me, he’s very much about the texture of the clothing as well—soft is definitely a big plus. Once, my firs/ex-husband told me that they had to stop by several eye-glass stores before my son finally chose a pair that he liked.

It’s interesting to watch the similarities, as well as differences, in my kids’ personalities. When my daughter shops, she’s usually in and out; she scans the entire store as she moves through it at a fast pace, and then immediately grabs what catches her eye. I’m a combination of both their shopping styles.

Once, while visiting my kids during my leave (aka Army vacation time), I noticed that my son was sitting in front of a mirror in his room making all kinds of funny expressions. My first/ex- husband’s wife explained to me that he often does that, and how she thought it was so cute. I agreed, and I was fascinated by how he was exploring himself.

Once, after my first/ex- husband and his wife came back from a night out, they noticed that my son was asleep with their baby son right under the visual bridge toy. She shared a picture of them on Facebook, and they looked so precious. She also shared several stories of how my son is so good, patient and playful with her toddler daughter and her baby son.

When everyone else pretty much got tired of playing with their dog, my son would often spend time with him; it’s no wonder their dog often sleeps in my son’s room, at the foot of his bed. Animals can sense unconditional love. Whenever my dog looks deep into my eyes, I’m reminded each time of the spark of consciousness within him as well, also a part of God, Goddess & Divine Spirit/All That Is like all of us.

My son, like my daughter, may sometimes act like a grumpy old man when it comes to doing certain things, but I realized that they may sometimes say meaningless words that stem from fear, but their loving actions speak for themselves.

I’m so grateful to my first/ex- husband and his wife for Being amazing parents who provide much unconditional love (especially much hugs and kisses, acceptance and support), peace, joy (especially lots of smiles and laughter, fun, excitement and adventures/trips/vacations), guidance, encouragements, a comfortable and beautiful home, a healthy and positive environment, a loving extended family, good character building, and abundance.

During one of my visits with my kids, I was so touched by their humble and thoughtful nature. When we went to the mall, my daughter said that she only buys clothes that are on sale because she’s aware that they’re marked up by stores more than they should be. I intuitively sensed that she was also trying to save me some money.

My kids also enjoy shopping at one of the stores that sells used clothes, as well as other items. I’m so grateful that they’re not spoiled, shallow kids who only want the big name brands or the most expensive and/or most popular stuff all the time.

They have a good sense of balance of appreciating good quality stuff, as well as appreciating the less expensive stuff. My daughter even donated her Homecoming dress to one of the charity organizations who give out used party dresses to poor communities.

I have no doubt that my kids, as well as many other children of their generation and beyond, will help others to also remember their true self/higher self/soul/individuation of God, Goddess & Divine Spirit/All That Is, as well as help birth heaven on earth.


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