Artistic Communications from the Sky

Lately, I’ve been noticing some interesting cloud formations that I’ve never seen before, as well as vibrant colors in the sky and sun. I will continue to add more pictures as I take them. 

Pics 1-3 below appears as though God used a ruler to draw a line in the sky and said, “From this side on…no more clouds PERIOD.” I Googled “unusual cloud formations” in order to find a similar image, and I came upon this link ==> For some reason, I felt protected that day.
photo 2 (6)photo 3 (6)photo 4 (3)

I’ve seen a few different shades of orange in the sky before, but Pics 4-6 are the most intense shade of orange I had ever seen. It was more vivid in person, and simply breathtaking.

photo 2 (7)

photo 3 (7)

photo 4 (4)

I used the following pic (#7) in one of my posts (the title escapes me) a while back because it reminded me of a vortex:

photo (6)

The 9th pic is a close up of the 8th pic. It just seemed odd that there were three streaks of clouds pointing in different directions. They don’t seem like contrails or chemtrails.

photo 1 (12)photo 2 (8)

My husband took the following pic (10th pic) today, and shared it with me. It looks like a hole in the blanket of clouds with a mini tornado or vortex right above it:

photo (11)


~ by Bobbie on January 8, 2014.

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