How Dreams Help Our Soul Evolution

be92df660bff0b7678a28b69f885f6e3-d6l8nq2After I woke up this morning, I laid in bed for a little while recalling my vivid dreams, and thinking about what I learned from each one, whether they were life lessons gained from parallel realities, other dimensions or past life experiences, or symbolic dreams (Divine messages from my soul’s subconscious/unconscious mind, who uses stored memories, images, symbols, thoughts and feelings that I have stored deep within myself).

I have learned from the book (which I’m still reading), “We, The Arcturians” additional information about the importance of paying attention to our dreams.

In a nutshell, we must learn our life lessons on physical Earth (for our soul evolution), in order to master our lessons in our dream-state. As we learn lessons from our dream-state, we raise our vibrational frequency, which enables us to not only explore more higher dimensions, but also prepares us for the 5th dimension on Earth, where we will be able to instantly manifest with our thoughts; thus creating our own version of heaven on earth. 

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big_thumb_4e4bdc25bdbfebf684e82d717ab01482As I recall notes from my daily series of angel journals and dream trackers, I learn many lessons for my soul evolution. For instance, I’ve had this one recurring dream (over a dozen so far) about an early learning center/preschool that I used to work at.

I believe my soul places me in different situations within the same location to see how I would react or respond to them, which is similar to Earth experiences.

I believe the same life lessons shows up over and over again (via different people, things, places, etc.) until the light-bulb turns on and we’re finally like, “Ohhh…I get it now!” Shadow work, which I’m currently working on, is very challenging but rewarding.

As I work on having a more “positive” attitude, perspective and outlook on life/becoming my authentic, True Self/Soul/spark of God, Goddess and Divine Spirit/All That Is, these dreams reflect my inner reality by showing up as an improved version each time.

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2237033945331_8jLIDlVv_lThere seems to be a vast amount of soul growth experiences and learning opportunities in our dream state that’s beyond our physical mind’s limited imagination.

I’ve seen aliens, creatures, and plants from other dimensions I’ve never even seen before on Earth (via TV, the movies, various images, art, etc.) to include: talking tigers standing upright with what appeared to be M16 rifles, a creature that looks somewhat like a black monkey with rainbow-colored fur on its arms (and was able to understand me), beautiful flowers that were as big as me (with colors that seemed out of this world), creatures that looked like rainbow lions, cartoon creatures, a ginormous formation of various aliens, and even cute, little white aliens.

I also read that we practice various psychic abilities in our dream states as well, and I became a believer after I reviewed my dream trackers/journals and realized that I had been doing so. Once we’ve mastered them in our dream states, we can experience them on Earth as well.

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the_lion_king___simba_and_spirit_of_the__mufasa_by_diego32tiger-d5zjjkcI believe our loved ones, who have past away, can also help us to heal through our dreams. Otherwise, if they showed up in our physical reality as ghosts…we might end up finding a load of bronze treasure in our underwear. 😉

I’ve seen my American dad (who adopted me when I was 3 years old) and one and only Korean grandmother several times, as well as my uncle (my Seoul Aunt’s former husband, who often watched me when I was a kid during certain summer or winter vacations) and Korean sister-like cousin (who I spent a lot of time with as a kid), all of whom have passed away, by either natural causes, disease, or suicide. The overall messages that I believe I received was, “No worries Bobbie…we are golden!”

Last but not least, I noticed that what I focus on the most also shows up in my dream state, reminding me to only focus on what I truly desire to manifest in my physical reality.

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I learned from the amazing website (link toward bottom of post) that as we expand our consciousness, we will be able to explore all dimensions, not just higher ones.

As we work towards Being Balance (integrating duality), we can learn/remember from even the “lower” dimensions; hence, reprogramming our old and outdated belief systems (that stem from fear of the unknown) that no longer serve our soul evolution. Also checkout ==> Finding A State of Neutrality (<== Click on title to view in another window).

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758056I’m convinced of this information due to my personal experiences, not just in my dream-state, but in my physical reality as well (e.g., see my post, “Facing the Unknown: An Examination of True Love”). I’ve had so-called “nightmares” within the past year or so (which I wrote about in certain posts, to include the unpublished, “The Invaluable Birth to Earth Gifts”) where I actually communicated with “dark” beings for the first time.

I used to just run away from “dark” beings, monsters, “evil” spirits, zombies, etc. in my nightmares. Another difference between these “nightmares” and the ones I had before was that I was able to gain insight from these experiences, rather than being terrorized and victimized by them.

An encounter with these “dark” beings gave me yet another opportunity to experience deeper understanding, empathy, pure compassion, forgiveness, embrace and even unconditional love.

They have merely forgotten their true selves…that we are all one, and that they are also part of All That Is.

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digital_art_wallpapers_23735-1440x900Sometimes, I don’t recall having dreamt at all. I believe this is due to being in the deep sleep state of consciousness (the “M” in “AUM”).

Every now and then, I suddenly wake up in the middle of the night saying out loud, “That was sooo beautiful,” not being able to recall what I had seen in my dream state; however, feeling unbelievably light, peaceful and happy.

I believe this is the dreaming state of consciousness (the “U” in “AUM”) where I’ve experienced a higher dimension that I’ve never seen before; hence, my physical mind isn’t able to fully interpret the data of a higher vibration.

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universal-eye-john-rushingThere are also times when I’m the observer of my active or sleeping self in my dreams. Or, I’m the observer of a younger or older version of others who I currently know, or those who have already passed away, but who are not aware of my presence (e.g., watching my Korean grandfather, who passed away before I was born—over 40 years ago—go about his daily business in some back–in-the-day village). I believe this is the “witness consciousness that is observer of the other three states of consciousness.”

The quoted, italicized portion of the previous sentence is from the following article ==> 6. Waking, Dreaming and Deep Sleep (<== Click on title to view in another window)

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I usually have a busy night of dreams as I explore the multiverse as my Multidimensional Self. I almost completed my unpublished post, “Messages from My Multidimensional Self.” 

I have almost 30 unpublished posts that have been marinating in my drafts section. I used to harshly judge myself with conditioned “negative” self-talks (that I’m working on healing and releasing) that I’m not being completely focused, that I have a tendency to work on several posts within a week without finishing and publishing them as though I have so-called “ADHD,” that I’m brushing off Divine messages, that I don’t care enough about humanity to share information with others, etc.

I understand now that my frustrations stemmed from my lack of self-love. What I wasn’t able to clearly see then was that all the drafts have at least helped an aspect of me to heal on some level; and in remembering this truth, and placing value on them, I will then believe that they will bring value and healing to others as well in Divine perfect timing.  I also understand that I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information, ideas and insights that came, and continue to come into my awareness.

Therefore, I choose to have compassion for myself.

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ba7281b501ea1ccdd528336c29f475a2Fully loving myself unconditionally (which includes deep understanding from the heart, self-respect, self-worth, positive self-talk, self-compassion and self-forgiveness) has been my greatest challenge in life.

As my True Self, I believe I now say to myself, “Bobbie, at least you are willing to receive, notice, pay attention to, acknowledge, understand, trust and type Divine messages as soon as possible in WordPress or Evernote, before it escapes you. And, your intention is to eventually share them all…on your time table…

…Remember, everything happens in Divine perfect timing. You’re on the right track for not feeling the need to be controlled and judged by a strict schedule that you burden upon yourself, which will help you to better comprehend the illusion of time. Be gentle with yourself, and give yourself credit…you dedicate a lot to your inner spiritual work. Remembering to love yourself unconditionally is just part of the process, and you’re making great progress. Also, as you fully love yourself unconditionally, you will be able to fully love others unconditionally as well.”

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Since I have not yet mastered fully knowing the meaning of my dreams, I use two different dream dictionaries as tools, along with my intuition and inner-wisdom.

The following is one of the dreams I had and wanted to share:

I was running behind my uncle and managed to catch the bus. As I got on, I looked out the window, and my uncle asked me why I did that when he was sitting in the back seat. There were only a handful of people on the bus. The bus number was 8.

The following is from the website (I also use every now and then); I select key words that I feel are significant within the dreams to gain insight from them:


  • To dream that you are running with someone signifies cooperation.
  • To see your uncle in your dream represents some aspect of your family heritage and trait. It also symbolizes new ideas and emerging awareness. Consider the idiom “say uncle” to mean surrender or admit defeat.
  • If you miss the bus, then it indicates that an aspect of your life is out of control. You need to slow down and map out a new plan.
  • To see a window in your dream signifies bright hopes, vast  possibilities and insight. If the window of a house is dark, then it indicates a loss to your perception or vitality.
  • To dream that you are looking out the window signifies your outlook on life, your consciousness and your point of view. It also refers to your intuition and awareness. You may be reflecting on a decision. Or you need to go out into the larger world and experience life. 
  • To dream that someone is sitting in your backseat highlights your own position of power and control. Someone else’s destiny or fate is in your hands. 
  • Eight stands for power, authority, success, karma, material gains, regeneration, and wealth. When the number eight appears in your dream, trust your instincts and intuition. 

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My interpretation of my dream:

(to include meanings of key words from dream dictionary, as well as my intuition and inner-wisdom)

Note: The quotes are from the meanings of the keywords from the dream dictionary above.

night-of-dreams-90303I AM “cooperating” with my True Self (symbolized by someone running with me), and surrendering to my True Self, who continuously inspires me with “new ideas and emerging awareness” (symbolized by my uncle).

An “aspect of my life is in control now, since I have slowed down and mapped out a new plan” (symbolized by us NOT missing the bus).

Although I feel the “need to go out into the larger world and experience life” (symbolized by me looking out the window), I AM reminded by my True Self to first look within to Be as my True Self (symbolized by my uncle asking me why I looked out the window spirit_flightwhen he was sitting in the back seat of the bus).

Since I have free will, I have my own position of power and control, and my True Self’s destiny or fate is in my hands (symbolized by my uncle sitting in the backseat). 

I AM (as my True Self) “bright hopes, vast  possibilities and insight” (symbolized by the window itself). I AM (as my True Self) “power, authority, success, karma, material gains, regeneration, and wealth,” and I AM “trusting my instincts and intuition” (symbolized by the number 8).

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The following bits and pieces in purple are from the very open-minded/open-hearted, amazing website (RECONNECTIONS: Studies in Personal Alchemy) that integrates duality in their teachings:

Note: This website helped me to better understand some of Jesus’ profound teachings, to include: unconditionally forgiving others 77+ times, not judging others, and loving one’s enemy, which seemed to be the most challenging to live by.

It’s easy to talk about and preach forgiveness, not judging others and loving ones enemy (especially from afar…like someone we don’t even know who we label as an enemy). It’s not easy to forgive others (e.g., someone who’s continuously disrespectful and condescending), not judge others (e.g., someone who seems ignorant and arrogant), and love a so-called enemy (e.g., a friend who gossips and betrays). 

However, I believe the ultimate challenge is to:

  • forgive the seemingly unforgivable (e.g., someone who raped you and made a joke out of it— stripping you of your dignity, a spouse who betrayed you with infidelity, an uncle who molested you, etc.)
  • not judge the seemingly “unconventional,” “wrong-doer,” “unknown,” or “evil” (e.g., a LGBT member, a non-religious person, an alien, a prisoner, etc.),
  • and to unconditionally love a very personal, “worst” enemy (e.g., oneself, a mother who emotionally,physically and sexually abused you, a father who abandoned you as a baby and had no remorse, etc.).
Astral Journeys (<== Click on title to view in another window)

“The Soul is crying for a reality experience which only physical life can give to it.  The body is crying for an immortality experience which only the soul can give to it.  As you permit this union to fulfill itself, you will directly know what it feels like to be the love that you are.”

“Love Without End ” by Glenda Green

  Dreams: Regular and Lucid:  (the Holodeck)  The concept of DREAMING AND DREAMS covers the Limitation Consciousness from fully comprehending what is happening when we make our excursions into The Multiverse.  We take flights of fancy, and refer to them as DREAMS in order to keep a firm foothold on what we believe is “real,” and what isn’t.  When we journey out in this way, we say::  “Oh, it’s just a dream……,”  and we assume that will be that..  But there is much more to it than that.  A Lucid Dream is a dream state so real that you actually have to install someone within it, to say:  “This is just a dream.” 

 We’re ALL Doing It:  ALL the time!  <Recons> “You would be quite surprised to know how many fantastic journeys you have taken—only to file them, forget about them, and resume working at some mundane task…….as though nothing had happened to you.  Rest assured, your “travel photos” are all kept safe and available, waiting for the time when you will review and enjoy them again…….a time that is rapidly approaching, by the way!”  

 Ascension:  <Recons>  Ascension is not just about bunches of people going up.  Humankind is also in the process of bringing Heaven down to Earth as well.  Many universes there are, and many ways in which this intent is playing itself out.  It’s just as easy to lower the ceiling as it is to raise the floor.  But why would you want to do this?   Primarily, it is because most of the best things are happening down here on the floor!  The celestial realms are limited, even though they are vast.  A person can be just as blinded by too much LIGHT as he can by too much DARK.  This is why physicality was invented, and why your collective evolution is so important to so many different life forms at this point in history.”

  Welcome to the Multiverse!  The complete compilation of alternative, possible/probable universes, all of which represent levels of YOU. 

  About Multidimensionality:  Each of us has many facets of self that are in operation.  They exist in various dimensions—separated, divided by a Veil of Forgetfulness.  As we understand more about our Multidimensional Nature, and form links with alternative selves, we grow and expand incredibly. 

  Phase-Shifting:  <Recons> When a viewpoint refocuses, from the players to that of the Expanded Self, this is called a PHASE SHIFT.  Micro becomes macro, and consciousness gets activated up and down the energy spectrum.  What we are describing here need not exclude an OBE, or any other helpful Astral Experience.  Reconnection is about getting back what you once were and recovering what you voluntarily laid aside to enter this World of Form.  The Ascension Process, currently being enacted on Planet Earth, is a systematic series of Phase Shifts—back and forth—until all levels of the Oneself Consciousness have learned to “walk in each other’s shoes.”  Also known as “Energetic Transposition.” 




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