Observations About the News and the Use of Humor

When I was stationed at my first duty station in Korea (while in the Army as a 98G-KP/35P-KP), I chose not to have a TV because 1) I told my first/ex-husband to keep everything after our divorce, except my small, personal belongings, 2) my unit was often out on field exercises, and 3) it didn’t seem necessary because I usually visited my mom (who lived 2 hours away) on weekends I was free.

When I was stationed in Hawaii, I chose not to buy a TV for the first two out of 3+ years that I was there. My goal then, was to read more, especially my Neale Donald Walsh books that I couldn’t fully comprehend back then (but desired to) due to my lack of knowledge about Spirituality.

Looking back, I realize that not owning a TV allowed me to Be a more free-spirited Being—having more “me” time/solitude to connect with my soul (to include reflecting), enjoying the outdoors more (especially the beautiful beaches), running along paths surrounded by nature, driving along the coast and admiring the view, and just exploring the various parts of the breath-taking island.

After I left Hawaii to attend a new training (for a new MOS/job/97E/35M) in Ft. Huachuca, and then graduated, I had a once in a blue moon opportunity to participate in something special. During one of the interviews, one of the board members asked me if I watched the news often.

When I replied that I didn’t, she highly suggested that I do, since being continuously informed on current events would be beneficial to my new job. So I agreed.

However, I later realized that it wasn’t the news that helped me to perform my best at my job as a Human Intelligence Collector/Interrogator…it was the moments where I chose to Be my True Self—through deep understanding, empathy, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, embrace and unconditional love.

Back then though, I was convinced of what the woman (in a high status) had suggested to me, so I started watching the news or reading the paper (even while deployed) as often as I could.

While being stationed at my next/last unit, I went through some drastic changes (which baffled my logical mind). I later understood that these unusual (and even extraordinary) experiences were ascension symptoms (which comforted my heart/soul).

As I became tired of watching the same old crap on the news day after day, my husband introduced me to The Daily Show, as well as The Colbert Report. I really enjoyed watching those shows because they added their own twist of humor to lighten the news world.

They often made me smile and laugh my ass off, and for a while, I thought I could watch the shows as long as they were around.

Recently, I’ve been going through another phase of major changes in my life (which I’m reminded of on a weekly basis, not only by my inner and body changes, but also by the frequently appearing number sequence 555, which I believe is an encoding placed in our heart centers by the Archangeloi of the Elohim, that represents major changes).

As I was briefly watching the morning CBS news (which is a little more positive than the local news, and definitely more positive than Fox News, which is just…hmmm…completely unprofessional and Pathetic) with my husband, I noticed my change in mood. I woke up energetic, but then felt my energy level dropping.

Since I’ve recently started honoring all of my feelings (rather than ignore, suppress, judge, or reject them…which causes them to build up and explode later), I silently asked my True Self for guidance and clarity.

A thought came to me as inner wisdom and inner knowing. I believe my True Self wanted me to think about whether or not the news was beneficial to my soul growth. As I thought about it, I realized that watching the news didn’t really uplift or inspire me in any way, shape or form probably 98% of the time.

In addition, I didn’t like the idea of being continuously exposed to information that mostly stems from fear-based belief systems, which is not serving me well. It’s like I’m just sitting there like Igor saying, “YES Masta, YES Masta…tell me more lies! I am listening like a good servant that I am.”

I thought, “Why am I allowing all the garbage to be absorbed into my precious subconscious mind (which doesn’t discriminate by the way between “negative” and “positive” data, whether they be information, images or feelings that stem from thoughts)?”

And by “garbage,” I mean the seemingly never-ending talks about how corrupt and ineffective our government is, increase in crimes (especially shootings that can be prevented with successful measures that other countries have used—such as Australia), adverse weather, over-focusing on immature behaviors of certain celebrities, our unfortunate economic status (yet, billions of dollars are spent annually on sports and entertainment), etc.

The more junk we store in our subconscious minds, the more challenging it becomes to co-create (with our soul) what we truly wish to experience in life. Then we wonder why our life sucks ass at times while a fraction of the population is living the Life of overflowing peace, joy, love, truth, creativity, abundance and freedom.

It’s no longer an ancient Japorean secret…it’s because they (the well-off) are very aware of the power of our minds/thoughts, and they use it to their advantage (good for them!), something that’s been around since ancient times (see video below and do own research since there’s a plethora of info out there these days; find info that resonates with you).

What surprised me, is that I even got tired of watching The Daily Show, as well as The Colbert Report. They were becoming predictable in that they were going to poke fun AGAIN at the corrupt politicians and our ineffective government. There’s only so much bickering and verbal attacking of a bunch of unprofessional, old farts one can take.

I also noticed that the various news stations around the nation were also showing interest in what the The Daily Show and The Colbert Report had to say. So it appears as though they’re basically feeding off of each other in order to bring up each other’s ratings (in a nutshell, on the same team).

Perhaps the news stations realized that their ratings were dropping (due to people getting tired of the repetitive bullshit), so they had to use other sources (who would portray themselves as “the other guys”) to win back their lost audiences with the use of…you got it! Humor.

What better way to cover up the ridiculous, petty, and depressing dramas of the corrupt and ineffective government and our way of life? To mask it with humor. But how long will it last? As long as the majority of society allows it to last. How effective will it be in improving our government and our quality of life?

Let’s just put it this way…even the majority of politicians are entertained that their immature words, behaviors and actions are being placed in the spotlight with lots of humor and a big audience. It’s like fuel to their out of control fire. Like they say, “Bad publicity is better than no publicity” in the media world.

Imagine a gymnasium full of kids (who like to hop on the band wagon) applauding at a minority of immature bullies picking on the weak, and taking advantage of them, while laughing their happy asses off.

I wondered if 10-20 years from now, if it would still be all fun and games when those shows are still making fun of our corrupt politicians and ineffective government. How about 50 years from now? Would they even want our government to improve since an improvement would surely diminish and even extinguish the very existence of their shows?

I used to enjoy watching Tosh.O as well. I admit, Tosh can be hilarious in a lovable way, as well as the characters from The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. However, the day Tosh joked about someone getting raped turned me off to the show.

I wasn’t offended, because I’ve been healed in that particular aspect of myself, and I understood that his intention more than likely stemmed from just wanting to be humorous, and trying to get others to see the lighter side of things. This is where discernment become useful.

I wondered, if out in the audience somewhere (whoever came upon that show at whatever time—live or rerun), if there was someone who was watching his show who had, at some point in their life, been violently and/or traumatically raped.

And if so, I wondered how it made him/her feel? For someone who has never been raped before, they can only imagine what it might be like. However, for someone who had a traumatic experience, listening to someone else make a joke out of it wouldn’t exactly help them to heal.

When I was living in Okinawa with my fist husband and my kids, there was a major incident there that caused tension between the locals and the U.S. military. It got to the point where certain restaurants had signs up that didn’t allow American to enter.

And from their point of view, it was understandable. After all, if a foreigner hurt an American child (regardless of location)…all hell would break loose.

To make a long story short, three U.S. Marines kidnapped a 12-year-old girl, who happened to be shopping with her sister, took her to a secluded place, duck-taped her, and then took turns repeatedly raping her. It was concluded by the doctors that she could never have children.

By the way, this story is not meant to encourage already present judgments about Marines. I’ve known some very professional, diligent, highly disciplined, intelligent and big-hearted Marines, and my first/ex-husband was one of them. It’s the unloving act (that stems from fear energy) that I’m talking about, that can be done by anyone, regardless of where they’re from and what label they have.

I can only imagine what it would be like for a young child to experience something so horrible. It can even be painful for a young woman to have sex for the first time…but to be violently raped by not one, but three aggressive, grown unknown males? That could surely break one’s spirit.

I wonder if Tosh would’ve made a joke about being raped if it happened to his younger sister? I highly doubt it. Is it all jokes when it’s not personal?

If someone had done that to my child or children, they would not only be slowly castrated (while pounding a wide hammer to their ball sack), but they would more than likely experience a woman-made hell on earth (at least that’s how I feel right now, although my True Self would highly encourage me to Be Pure Compassion and Unconditional Forgiveness, and to end the vicious cycle of the wounded wounder; and instead, choose to Be a wounded healer).

That portion of Tosh’s show also made me wonder if there was a rapist out there watching his show, and laughing his happy ass off, as he applauded Tosh’s joke about someone getting raped. The coward who raped me laughed in my face, so I know that it doesn’t feel good.

Perhaps Tosh was just thinking that his little, statement wouldn’t do much harm since it’s JUST a freaking joke, and he was merely testing the waters so to speak/his limits with his audience. If that’s the case, why even have silly limitations?

Why not stop being a total chicken shit, grow a fucking vagina (since balls are apparently WAY too sensitive) and go ALL out…and even make fun of a child who was burned alive in a house fire? Or how about making fun of a kid who jumped off a two-story building (and accidentally killed himself because he landed on his head) because he wanted to imitate someone from the Tosh.O show with high hopes that his video would get on the show as well?

OH NO?! But yet, that’s going too far? So where do we draw the line? Does it depend on ratings? Does it depend on how much the majority of society is willing to accept and approve?

Well, if that’s the case, I guess it makes sense now that millions ended up supporting Hitler, or how millions swept under the rug the damn near extermination of the American Indian race.

It’s unbelievable how powerful a government and the media combined can be. In North Korea, the scrawny and famished citizens are so controlled by their government/the media, that they actually believe that the rest of the world (outside their tiny bubble of a world) is “evil,” and that their chunky leader(s) of their own country (who provides them with the bare minimum to survive on while feasting on lobsters and steaks themselves) is a god. How sad is that? It makes me wonder if highly evolved, highly civilized, celestial Beings might view us “free country” Earthlings in the same manner.

It’s just something to briefly think about rather than dwell on.

If someone gave you a million dollars and said, “You can sit here on the couch (until your 90+ years old and marinating in your depends) and watch these numb-nuts on TV continuously bombard you and distract you with their mind games, prevent you from focusing on what really matters, and waste your valuable time…or you can go out and enjoy Life,” what would you choose?

I think we both know the answer to that question. So why not invest our precious time on what we would like to experience in Life (such as abundance in its many forms—spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, material and financial) by focusing on thoughts that will actually help us to tune into such a reality that would highly benefit us?

I thought, “Do I wish to spend the majority of my precious life continuously watching the downfalls and the devolving of humanity on certain shows, or do I choose to focus on positive thoughts/perspective/outlook in order to co-create the “positive” reality that I wish to tune into (since like attracts like), and remember/Be my authentic True Self/soul/spark of God, Goddess and Divine Spirit/All That Is for my soul evolution and the collective evolution of humanity?

The following videos are very helpful (Click on title below to view in another window):


~ by Bobbie on February 5, 2014.

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