A Memoir of My True Self/Love

8c3188c6ecc21a0088874e1d358e0d93cf524db4One night, in a dream, I suddenly felt abandoned; I looked all over the place, and the mystery being was nowhere to be found. I texted from my phone, “Where are you?” and he/she replied, “Who are you?”

When I woke up, I couldn’t recall who I was searching for, but I sensed the Being was dear to my heart; and that whoever asked the question, “Who are you?” was a very close aspect of me as well.

So this answer is dedicated to whoever (an aspect of my Expanded Self) asked me that question from another dimension.  I choose not to ask why I had this dream; but rather, who do I choose to Be from this experience. I choose to participate in this intimate soul-to-soul communication.

Note: Thank you beforeitsnews.com  for image on right.

I am a Being who is passionate about remembering and Being my authentic True Self/Multidimensional Self/Expanded Self—integrating all aspects of my soul, to include my ego self and shadow self—helping my soul sisters and brothers to remember and Be, helping God, Goddess ad Divine Spirit/All That Is to better know Self, and eventually return to All That Is.

self_acceptance_quotesEgo self, I thank you for always being there for me—protecting me so that I may survive in this sometimes very dense and harsh world. I do not believe that you are “evil.” I understand that you meant well, and your intention was to only make me “acceptable” in the eyes of society.

You also repressed and suppressed my shadow self to protect me from being judged as “unacceptable” by society.

Now you understand that we, as one true essence, are much more than our physical bodies. Therefore, we don’t need to fear survival since we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and we only transform into another state of energy when we’re through Being human.

We also don’t need the acceptance and approval of others, to include Earth’s society, since we have all the acceptance and approval we need within us.

Note: Thank you fotoimagepics.info  for poster on left.

creativity_is_boundless_by_pixelnaseShadow self, I thank you for always giving me the drive to move forward, to be a creative force, and to survive. I do not believe that you are “evil.” By reflecting back to me (through others) my “dark” side, you have given me the opportunity to better understand and know myself at a profound level.

By experiencing others’ fears (i.e., judgment, criticism, abandonment, rejection, hatred, abuse, violence, suffering), I’ve learned (as a human being)/remembered (as a soul) to overcome them by facing them, and then rising above them.

I rise above them not because I’m “better,” but because I choose to understand at a deeper level, which helps me to have empathy, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, embrace and even unconditional love for others whose intentions, words, behaviors and actions stem from fear-based belief systems.

By noticing, recognizing, and acknowledging now that they were my own fears reflected back to me, I remember to face my darkest fears deep within me, and do for myself what I’ve done for others. I then heal myself, and love myself unconditionally.

Note: Thank you drbillwooten.com for image on right.


By experiencing others’ doubts, I’ve learned (as a human being)/remembered (as a soul) to Be more open-minded and open-hearted in order to help alleviate any of their suffering that stemmed from doubts.

By noticing, recognizing, and acknowledging now that they were my own doubts reflected back to me, I’m able to do the same for myself, which strengthens and increases my own trust, beliefs, and faith. After all, how can we have strong faith if it’s never been shaken or tested?

Note: Thank you nonnetta.deviantart.com for image on left.

compassion-hien-nguyenBy experiencing others’ difficulties, challenges, hardship, sufferings, I’ve learned (as a human being)/remembered (as a soul) to Be compassion to others—noticing, recognizing, acknowledging, listening, helping, sharing, comforting, uplifting, reassuring, guiding, encouraging, motivating, inspiring, healing and empowering.

By noticing, recognizing, and acknowledging  now that they were my own difficulties, challenges, hardship, sufferings reflected back to me, I’m able to Be self-compassion and self-empowerment.

Note: Thank you www.sustainablebrands.com for image on right.

self_confidenceBy experiencing others’ insecurities, I’ve learned (as a human being)/remembered (as a soul) to Be compassion to others—showering them with genuine compliments, identifying their strengths, persuading them to follow their hearts, convincing them to speak their powerful voice from within, motivating them to reach their full potential, etc.

By noticing, recognizing, and acknowledging now that they were my own insecurities reflected back to me, I’m able to Be self-confidence, self-respect, self-worth, high self-esteem, and self-love.

Note: Thank you www.pickthebrain.com for image on left.

True Self/Soul/God (Divine Masculine Energy/Consciousness), Goddess (Divine Feminine Energy/Consciousness) and Divine Spirit/All That Is (to include all higher aspects of me, such as my angelic and spiritual realms and Star Family) I thank you for being the beacon for all aspects of me.

When I thought, felt, intended, spoke, behaved and acted from fear (as my ego self), you stepped in and shined your Love and Light:

When I judged myself or others, you stepped in and offered a brighter and positive perspective.

When I didn’t feel confident about what to say or how to say it, you became my courageous, truthful, confident and powerfully effective voice.

When I wasn’t sure if I could accomplish something, you instilled in me the belief to just Believe and do it or Be it without the fear of failure.

When I felt too small to be strong, you gave me physical challenges to overcome in order to reveal to me my inner-strength, will power, determination, dedication, perseverance, and resilience.

When I didn’t feel smart enough to make a difference, you gave me mental challenges to overcome in order to reveal to me my natural intelligence, inner-wisdom, inner-knowing, ability to better control my thoughts, and my growing access to the akashic records.

When I felt too sensitive to be strong, you gave me emotional challenges to overcome in order to reveal to me my emotional intelligence, ability to better control my emotions via my thoughts, continual upgrading of psychic abilities, and my powerful heart.

When I felt unattractive, you led me to a mirror, reminded me to see through the eyes of True Self, and showered me with loving compliments.

Music_of_the_Spheres_by_anthony_gBecause you activated some of my psychic abilities (which I believe will continue to be upgraded), I’m able to smoothly transition into my next phase/stage of transformation toward my True Self:

  • Due to the activation of my third eye, I can see more clearly—whether it’s seeing others through the eyes of Universal Love, or having vivid images, visions, or dreams that help me with my soul growth/evolution. I also saw once a fluorescent, small green figure/being in the sky (as if offering a hand shake) after staring into the sun for a little while. 
  • Due to my heightened sense of smell, I no longer drink or eat certain foods where I sense chemicals. I can also smell blood nearby.
  • Due to my heightened sense of hearing, I’m able to enjoy the music of the spheres, and other frequencies of the higher realms. I also experienced once hearing another’s voice very briefly amplified (as though she was talking right into my ear out loud)—followed by a beeping tone (in my left ear, which is unusual since I usually hear various tones in my right ear), although she was sitting about 10 feet away from me.
  • Due to my heightened sense of touch, I can sense another’s physical pain (as empath), which allows me to have deeper empathy and compassion for them
  • Due to my heightened sense of taste, I no longer consume large amounts of drinks or food (e.g., that contain sugar, sodium, flour, alcohol etc.) that no longer positively serve my physical body/precious temple. For instance, when I eat cake now (which I loved), I get severe cotton mouth (which has never happened before). The last time I had a 1/4 glass of an alcoholic beverage, my stomach felt as though it was twisting and I vomited right away (which has never happened before)

Note: Thank you anthony-g.deviantart.com for image on right.

When I felt odd/different/strange/”abnormal”/out-of-place, you reminded me of my special, one and only uniqueness, strengths, and wonderful qualities.

When I felt like I couldn’t relate to my own mother and father, you became my Father God/Sky and Mother Goddess/Earth.

When I felt rejected, you embraced me with open arms and overflowing unconditional love. You also reminded me to accept myself unconditionally, since another’s rejection is a reflection of my own rejection of self. In addition, unconditionally accepting myself would help me to accept others unconditionally as well.

When I felt lonely—with or without others around—you became my perfect companion as you soothed my soul with your peaceful, joyful, accepting, loving and invisible presence.

When I felt confused or lost, you provided clarity or guidance through various sources—other people, angelic and spiritual realms (to include the Ascended Masters, the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, and Archangeloi of Elohim), readings, videos, signs, dreams, meditations, number synchronicities (e.g., 11:11, 11-99, 111-999, 2222-9999, 9:11, 12:12, 13:13, 12:21 and other  palindrome numbers, etc.), my intuition and my inner-wisdom.

When I fell asleep once while driving, you woke me up right before I had to make a right turn. When I got into three major car accidents within three years (where my cars became totaled), I sustained minor injuries due to your protection.

When I attempted suicide a long time ago, you rescued me from death that doctors claimed I should not have escaped.

When I felt angry towards myself or others, you whispered gentle reminders to Be an untroubled mind (not allowing outer circumstances to affect my inner world), and to release my fears with deep understanding, empathy and unconditional forgiveness.

When I felt hurt, you helped me to release any pain or suffering with flowing, heart-felt tears. You then reminded me to Be deep forgiveness for myself and others since we sometimes forget who we truly are, and choose to be a wounded wounder instead of a wounded healer.

When I felt depressed or anxious, you reminded me to just Be in the Moment of Now—accepting everything in the moment as Divine perfection—rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

When I felt guilty about not being good enough (i.e., a mother of two children, a leader in the Army, a wife of a crumbling marriage), you silently comforted my heart with reminders of my worth, as well as my soul purpose and soul mission.

When I was terrified of letting go of the old lifestyle (i.e., continuing Army career, free college education paid by G.I. Bill, falling apart marriage, downward spiraling friendships and relationships with certain close family members), you activated a seed in my heart, whispering to me, “It’s okay…follow my lead (as intense impulses). I will not lead you astray.”

As I started changing within, I noticed series of positive synchronicities occur. My outer world began to reflect my more positive inner world. My marriage improved drastically through individual counselings, group counselings, marriage counselings, improved communication, and last but not least…an expanded heart.

I released unhealthy relationships and situations that no longer positively served my soul growth, and developed new relationships with healthy boundaries.

With solitude, I started to fall in love with myself for the first time. I then sensed as if You, my True Self, winked at me with a smile and said, “You see…I got your back sister!”

When I saw something, some place or someone who I highly admired, you gave me these gifts, even though I never asked for them in prayer. You just knew my heart’s desires and granted my silent wish.

150-speed_of_lightWhen I wasn’t expecting anything, you surprised me with amazing and extraordinary experiences that just blew me away and increased my faith. While lying down in bed and attempting to mediate in silence and stillness for a while, you did the following at different moments:

  • You helped me to experience my entire body briefly vibrating intensely (in post…the title escapes me; it was a while back)
  • You comforted me during the very uncomfortable opening of my crown chakra (which felt like the sides of my head was being tightly squeezed together and a powerful surge of energy was being poured into the top of my head) by having me quietly repeat, “Higher Self” over and over again during a half-awake state. (in my unpublished post, “My Extraordinary Crown Chakra Experience” and another older post)
  • You gave me the mind-blowing opportunity to very briefly travel into space, where I seemed to be traveling at the speed of light or something since I saw the white lines all around me. I retracted my head while it was lying on my pillow because although a part of me was excited, another part of me became fearful of the unknown. It still hasn’t sunk in yet because it just seems so unbelievable. I’m not even sure what the experience is supposed to mean other than I’m becoming my Multidimensional Self? I trust that I will receive the answer at Divine perfect timing. (in my unpublished post, “My Way of Meditating and Space Travel”)
  • You came to me multiple times as a dancing blue flame
  • You came to me once as a dancing, golden spiral of Light (in my post, “My Mesmerizing Spiral of God, Goddess, and Divine Spirit/All That Is Experience”)
  • You appeared as a flash image of a dark, female figure (either shadow figure or someone who looked burnt). Although initially startled (due to unknown), I immediately and intuitively sensed that it was my “dark” side/an aspect of me. I felt reassured when I saw that Gregg Braden had also seen a dark face while staring into a fireplace while camping outside, in the video, “The 7 Essene Mirrors”.
  • You appear as sparkles of bright, white light in my left peripheral vision every now and then, more often lately. I have a peaceful and loving feeling afterwards.
  • arcturians (1)You appeared as a flash image of a group of small, white beings, who looked similar to the Greys, but very cute and innocent looking. Y’all were staring right at me like little bunny rabbits. Although initially startled (due to a fear that it might be the Greys), I later sensed that you stemmed from love. I even asked you back-to-back (from being somewhat nervous), “Who are you? “What are your intentions? and “Are you who I think you are?” but there was no answer. I was then reminded of what I learned from the Arcturians in their book—to be a good listener while communicating telepathically/especially passive receiving of a message. When I came upon an image that looked exactly like them on the web, I immediately saved it in my files. As I was saving it, the file name read, “Arcturians,” although the image was part of a message channeled from the Archangeloi of the Elohim. I compared the file image with the Arcturian image in the book, “We, The Arcturians,” that I’m currently reading, and I could see the similarity after I slightly folded the image in the book in half (as suggested by authors). However, the book image (due to its lack of volume, color, and intricate details) made the Arcturians look kind of fierce, as opposed to the one above.

Note: Thank you bonezoneblog.blogspot.com  for first image on right for the above section, and thank you lightworkers.org for last image on right of above section.

compassionWhen I fell too deep into my dream-state a few times, you softly called my name to wake me up.

When I was fearful in my dream-state, you were there for me in the following ways:

  • You held my hand and pulled me away from a “dark” mummy-like being, as was telling it, “Merge with me and become one.”
  • You held me in your arms (as a Light Being, guardian angel and/or Twin Flame) twice from behind me
  • You were ready to catch me as I was getting ready to jump from higher ground (as a Dark Being or Light Being in a dark area/guardian angel)
  • You shielded me from “evil” spirits/danger after I shouted for you three times (as Jesus)
  • You rescued me from pitch darkness after I shouted for you three times (as Jesus; in post, “Dreams About Jesus”)
  • You helped me to land safely onto the ground by turning a steel beam into tree bark and allowing me to hold onto it (as God; in post, “The Response to ‘God, I’m Scared'”).

When I was adventurous in my dream-state:

  • you flew me in-between the Grand Canyon (as a Transformer)
  • you danced with me in the soft-red atmosphere (as an alien)
  • you played and swam with me in the river (as a big, brown bear)
  • you traveled with me through a dark dimension (as a group of Light Beings) on a platform with blue lights on the bottom
  • you playfully challenged me (as a rattle snake several times) or stared at me for some time (right in front of me) while immersed in a large body of water (as a dragon once)
  • you conversed with me as two tigers standing upright and guarding a wooded area with what appeared to be M-16 rifles
  • you appeared to me as a cartoon bee with a human-like head within a cartoon grass-maze
  • you invited me to observe a ginormous formation of various aliens, and I saw one of them blow some type of old-fashioned horn
  • you interacted and ran with me (as my actual dog several times)
  • you took me for a ride in a small UFO (as…I don’t recall seeing you) and we flew in-between buildings where there was a T-rex and a huge dog-like creature, etc.

Note: Thank you skydharma.com for image on left.

flying_soul_by_soiinicoho-d3emz5jWhen I was curious in my dream-state, you helped me to experience more of me by giving me the opportunity to practice other psychic abilities that I haven’t experienced on Earth yet:

  • closing shutters from the entrance of the bathroom (telekinesis)
  • briefly levitating while lying on the floor or slowly rising up the air when about to get hit by a truck (levitation)
  • flying up a mountain top at rapid speed or flying into a cave at the Grand Canyon (flight)
  • zooming into people’s eyes as I walk by them (?)
  • seeing red matrix energy
  • being the observer of myself receiving a phone call and also the person on the other end (bi-location)
  • seeing my grandfather going about his business back in his day (time travel), etc.

When I was lost in my dream-state, you provided guidance through my intuition, the angelic and spiritual realms, signs, hints, reminders, number synchronicities, sacred geometry, and/or Light.

When I was yearning for true love in my dream-state, you showered me with a deep, unconditional love I had never experienced before. 

Note: Thank you soiinicoho.deviantart.com  for image on right.

images (19)All aspects of me, thank you so much for serving me well. It is time for major transformation.

Let us (as One) experience together our authentic True Self—fearless, free, powerfully creative Universal Love Energy/Divine Consciousness—who has everything we need within us, and who has the potential to experience our unlimited, magnificent Self with ALL of Life.

Thank you so much my True Self/God, Goddess, and Divine Spirit/All That Is within me and all around me. I highly appreciate you. I am striving to fully love ALL aspects of You unconditionally…the way you fully and unconditionally love ALL of Life throughout the omniverse.

Note: Thank you www.duanetownsend.com for image on left.



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