Maleficent – the redemption of the shadow

An empowering reading.

The Goddess of Sacred Sex

maleficent darkI took myself to see Maleficent recently and was thoroughly entertained.  The reworked story of sleeping beauty starring Angelina Jolie playing the dark and evil godmother offers us a moral lesson around love, just as fairy tales have always done.  Here archetypes are allowed to loom large and we see Maleficent first as the maiden, flying around in a magical Garden of Eden, head fairy of a lush landscape which is a haven for all creatures.  All creatures that is except man.  The patriarchal King and his castle are beyond the borders of the fairy kingdom and subject to the typical ravages attributed to the masculine – power, greed, war, violence, weapons and a twisted black heart that makes those vices more attractive than the gifts of a Gaian utopia.

So we see the maiden Maleficent in all her innocence and purity meet the young male from the land of…

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~ by Bobbie on January 11, 2016.

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