In Defense of the Divine Masculine

Like I shared with the author of this post, Julie, this reading is BOLD, informative, profound, open-minded, hearted-expanding, healing and empowering.

Deus Nexus

Reposted from: Waking Times.
By Julie Umpleby. (commentary by Deus Nexus) 

muscle-manSo much of the new Age movement is heavily invested in connecting us with the Goddess, The Divine Feminine and the great mysterious power of our feminine energy. I’m not saying that this isn’t a good idea, however too much of a focus on just one aspect without its polar opposite results in an imbalanced perspective.

The truth of the situation as we go hurtling towards massive transformation and change on our amazing planet, is that we absolutely do need to recognise and allow for the emergence of the magical feminine energy. This is our link to the creative aspects of the Source, the Universe or whatever you wish to call it.  However, we also need to enable and support the transformation of the current expression of the masculine into its Divine, higher expression. One cannot exist without the other…

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~ by Bobbie on June 29, 2016.

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