“For a Magical Halloween Moment…” Card

For a magical Halloween moment…

Dare to expand your perspective with an open and integrated Mind/Heart…

See with clarity beyond the obvious, outer surface…

And if an opportunity presents itself, like a black cat who happens to cross your path…

Let go of old and outdated, fear-based beliefs such as “bad luck” and “evil”…

And embrace all the beauty of Life that is before you…

Simply, another free-spirited, curious, intuitive, living being who is exploring life like you and I in a challenging world.

And as you feel the deep warmth of pure compassion spread from your Heart throughout your body…

Trust that you will continue to notice and appreciate all that Divine Spirit has to generously share with you…

And intuitively know that you will also experience many more miracles and blessings in Life—ranging from precious tiny to magnificently cosmic, to even blessings in disguise filled with wisdom—due to your unconditionally loving vibrational frequency that is your core essence.

Link to Halloween Card below (also check out Mulantis Store within the category section of my new blog reunitingall.com and within Zazzle):

Source: http://www.zazzle.com/for_a_magical_halloween_moment_card-137878386501770193?CMPN=emc_ProductCreationForStore_Html_wordpress&rf=238637971359185061&lang=en


~ by Bobbie on October 19, 2016.

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