A Birthday Card for an Amazing Being

I trust, from the deepest level of my being, that we all experienced birth to Earth for a Divine Purpose within a Divine Plan, regardless of our earthly background labels.

Individually, we are meant to explore the plethora of colorful, life experiences as spiritual beings (soul/Spirit) within a human body.

Through the existence of duality/polarity available on physical Earth, especially emotions ranging from fear to unconditional love, we’re able to receive the priceless gift of profound wisdom when we choose to be open in our integrated Mind/Heart about our life lessons learned.

Collectively, we are meant to interact and bond with one another in various ways (especially deep love), be a mirror to one another reflecting “good” and “bad” characteristics, and everything in-between.

Why? So that we may better understand ourselves and interconnected Life, eventually know self—that we are the essence of Unconditional Love (Goddess) and Light (God)—and then fully realize one miraculous and magical moment that we are ALL ultimately from The One/Source/Prime Creator/Holy Spirit/Ancient Mother Goddess/Life/All That Is/Beloved I (God) AM (Goddess) Presence.

Click => “To an Amazing Being” Birthday Card

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~ by Bobbie on January 27, 2017.

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