Meetup Group Activated: Rainbow Circle of Souls

Note: This post is an update for the category page of my blog, “Rainbow Circle of Souls: A Meetup Group”; for details, see section under subtitle, “Original Post” within that page

Due to a series of Divine synchronicity today—to include a bizarre dream, number synchronicities, and other signs—I’ve decided to go forth with an idea I had a while back.

Note: I created the image on right, which is the logo for my Spirit-inspired Mulantis Store within Zazzle

I started the “Rainbow Circle of Souls” meetup group (<= click on link to open in another window) and the following is the updated and summarized description:

Hello interconnected soul ^_^

Welcome to this space titled “Rainbow Circle of Souls.” First of all, thank you for taking the time to check it out, and to see if the idea resonates with your heart.

I chose the title of this meetup group because the colors of the rainbow reminds me of various aspects within all of us that highly benefits us to embrace with much unconditional acceptance/love.

I trust, at the depths of my heart, that when we truly fall in love with ourselves, we will experience and see the outer world in a whole, new way…like Heaven on Earth.

In addition, the beautiful colors also reminds me of the various vibrations within a frequency spectrum, which also relates to our physical human self, soul self (Multidimensional Self), and ultimately Spirit self.

For instance, the dense vibration of fear is like the low vibration of the color red, which is within the Love Frequency spectrum, with violet being the very high vibration of compassion.

My name is Barbara by the way, and I trust that I was inspired by Spirit within to start this meetup group because it has the potential to highly benefit whoever’s drawn to it (in some way, shape or form) to include me, myself and I.

I have no doubt that we all cross each other’s paths in Divine perfect timing in order to ignite something deep within us—a re-membering that’s meant to assist our soul growth and evolution (expand our consciousness) through open-minded/open-hearted perspectives, authenticity, sharing, and soul-bonding.

I’ve never started a meetup group before—though I’ve participated in some—and to be honest, I’m not quite sure what to expect.

But that’s okay, because I realize that life’s about exploring the unknown with much inner-strength and courage, and if we don’t take risks that can seem intimidating at times, we’ll always wonder, “What if?”

For additional details, see post within my blog, “Rainbow Circle of Souls: A Meetup Group” (<= click link to open in another window)


Update: 2/15/17

I changed my meetup group description (above) after receiving an email from Meetup HQ to provide more info. The following is the new version:

Hello interconnected soul ^_^

Thank you for taking the time to check out this meetup group, and to see if the idea resonates with your heart.

Who should join:

Anyone interested in group discussions regarding soul growth and spiritual evolution (expanding consciousness), to include topics like how to: be authentic self, unconditionally embrace more and more aspects of self and interconnected others, extract profound wisdom from life experiences, etc.

Why should members join:

To deeply heal on all levels of our being (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), to learn to fall in love with ourselves unconditionally (so we may experience and see our outer world in a whole new way), to better connect with others, to fully and freely live and simply Be, and to see the bigger picture in life.

What can members expect out of the group:

Typical activities include providing one’s full attention/presence to others, sharing heartfelt stories, soul bonding, open-minded/open-hearted communication, introduction of expanded perspectives (to expand consciousness), and overall deep healing and self-empowerment.


My intention is for this meetup to facilitate relationships between members by connecting us all on a deeper, soul level, where earthly labels and backgrounds don’t define our whole, full-potential selves (multidimensional, core essence).

For additional details, see post within my blog, “Rainbow Circle of Souls: A Meetup Group.”


~ by Bobbie on February 14, 2017.

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