“Galactic Family Doing Test Visit #777” Cartoon

Galactic Family

Doing Test Visit #777

Note: The above men’s t-shirt is just one example; there are various types of shirts and other clothing (not just t-shirts) available in different sizes and colors for men, women, and children.

The cartoon artwork on this special item is meant to be thought-provoking and mind/heart expanding.

While following Spirit’s inner guidance, I was inspired to share very important matters with humanity integrating creativity, humor, and wisdom.

I feel that it’s very important for us to often be reminded to simply and freely Be authentic self—unconditionally accepting/embracing/loving ALL aspects of self at every moment, which helps us to fully do so for interconnected others as well.

I trust that ANYTHING is possible when we let go of self-imposed, limiting beliefs that no longer benefit our soul evolution on Earth, and we liberate ourselves more and more each time we do so.

Some examples of the common limiting, false beliefs within humanity are: unworthiness, separation consciousness, victim mentality, poverty consciousness, “freedom must be earned (through seemingly never-ending, much pain and suffering causing, back-to-back, battles, conflicts, wars, etc.),” “humans are born sinners and will either go to hell UNLESS…OR only enter Heaven IF (i.e., bible god’s love is CONDITIONAL), etc.

In addition, the more we practice facing and rising above our deepest fears, the more empowered we will Be.

We just need to intuitively and confidently know that the most powerful, natural force throughout this Universe and beyond—Cosmic Unconditional Love (Divine Spirit)—is always within us and all around us, and exists within ALL of interconnected Life (All That Is).

Have an exciting and relaxing day! ^_^


Note: There will be other products with this cartoon in the near future.  You can also see various products at Mulantis Store within Zazzle, and some examples within my other blog, reunitingall.com, under the category section Mulantis Store


~ by Bobbie on February 21, 2017.

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