Poem/Card: Light Emerging from Darkness

I dedicate this poem/card to all of my loved ones, and to all interconnected beings within this world and beyond who could use a helpful reminder, encouragement, upliftment, and/or inspiration to self-love, profound wisdom and self-empowerment.

<3<3<3 Barbara (aka Bobbie)

“Light Emerging from Dark” Poem/Card

I had initially created this poem for a beloved family member a few years ago; however, soon after realizing that other interconnected souls could also benefit from the message, I decided to share it even further as a blog post.

Recently, I befriended an elderly neighbor who touched me deeply. I also dedicate this poem and card to Sallie, the most courageous, strongest, generous and compassionate soul I had ever met.

Despite a world that has shown her much fear-based, dark ways of being, she continues to Be Unconditional Love to interconnected Life. If the world was dark clouds, she is the bright light emerging from it.

The yellow flower photo on the back of the card is symbolic of Divine Inner Power that comes from Embracing Self Love (Divine Love) and seeing with clarity the Divine Wisdom within Life’s priceless experiences, that show up as obvious blessings, or blessings in disguise.

Note: All photos were taken during an excursion to a beautiful, local park a while back.

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~ by Bobbie on February 25, 2017.

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