Poem/Card: Celebrating Your Birth to Heaven on Earth

Celebrating Your Birth

to Heaven on Earth 


I dedicate this poem/card to all human beings who had the golden opportunity to be birthed to planet Heaven on Earth.

I had initially created this poem for three family members, integrated it with a collage-like artwork, and then mailed it to them.

As usual, I intuitively knew that others could benefit from the poem’s message as well, since we’re all interconnected forms of Life throughout this magnificent Universe and beyond. Only minor changes were made to the poem so that it could apply to every soul.

I further shared it as a blog post where I was able to add additional expressions.

Now, thanks to Zazzle, I’m able to create a colorful card integrating this poem and photos taken during a beautiful, nature excursion.

Before typing the poem, I had asked Spirit within to co-create with me this gift. After it’s completion, I was deeply moved, because I realized (once again) that it was a message (gift) for me as well.

Note: You can also see various products at Mulantis Store within Zazzle, and some examples within my other blog, reunitingall.com, under the category section Mulantis Store


~ by Bobbie on February 26, 2017.

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