Cosmic Unconditional Love (True Love) Starts from Within

Note: The following is the description for gathering #2 of my new meetup group, Rainbow Circle of Souls; however, I’ve decided to share it as a post as well, since I trust that the message contained within it can be highly beneficial for anyone who happens to cross this space. Images below found next to links => 1) my other blog homepage ( / Home: Remembering the Masterpiece Within 2) Imgrum and 3) We Heart It (thank you all)

Howdy folks 🙂

Hope you’re having a sunshine day. ^_^

For this week’s meetup, I’d love to discuss with you a topic that I’m very passionate about, though I haven’t mastered yet.

Since we’re all interconnected, I trust that this topic is also dear to many within humanity, though the common misconception is that this “True Love” must be searched for “out there” first and foremost.

Throughout human history, and to this day, humanity has often searched for a “True Love” outside of themselves.

It’s understandable that we, humans, deeply yearn for this innate feeling, since Unconditional Love is our core essence, and is the most powerful force known to existence—within this Universe and beyond.

Since wwway back in the day, people have sacrificed themselves for what they perceived as love, started wars, and even ended the lives of others in the name of love (e.g., so-called “Holy” wars).

Now if all of this outward searching for love was truly effective throughout the ages, our world would’ve had (and continue to have) many whole, balanced, and harmonious relationships, rather than high breakup, separation and divorce rates.

So what’s really going on here? What hasn’t worked so far, and what does, when it comes to healthy and truly loving relationships?

If you feel drawn to this topic, I look forward to meeting and connecting with you at a deep soul level this meetup.

Perhaps, together, we can further expand our consciousness/individual and collective soul growth and spiritual evolution. 😉

Have an exciting and relaxing day! 😉

p.s. I wanted to at least share the topic for this meetup, though I haven’t decided on a location yet. Since there were no “TBD (To Be Determined) or TBA (To Be Announced)” options to select, I figured I’d include a “p.s.” note. I temporarily set the time-frame of the meetup as 3:30-4:30—prior to checking the availability at the location– because I had to pick a start and end time. I will provide you with an update at a later time.

<3<3<3 Barbara


~ by Bobbie on March 1, 2017.

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