Let’s Practice the Feelings Within the Vibration of Abundance

The image on right was taken during an excursion at a local park a while back.

This photo reminds me that whenever we feel like we’re stuck between many gray rocks (challenging, “dark” times), to remember all the beauty that can be birthed from it—to include the deep healing of our self worth (with unconditional love, especially self-compassion) and the springing forth of our inner power, both represented by the yellow flowers (color yellow symbolic of our solar plexus chakra).

The following intro is a section from the post, “So Tired of This World?” from my other blog reunitingall.com:

Note: I’ve listened to this helpful video—Abraham: What is the vibration of abundance?—several times within years; and recently, I realized that I still highly resonate with most of it, but that I could add a couple of my own insights.

I trust that our negative emotions are actually part of Source the way that positive emotions are—like the color red being the lowest vibration within color white (violet being the highest), and the dense vibration of fear being within the Love Frequency spectrum.

Whenever we feel these lower energies, we can ignore them, deny them, or even try too hard to raise its vibration, or we can simply embrace them with compassion—the highest vibration within the Love Frequency already inside us.


The growing list below is the recommended exercise suggested within the video/link shared above, that I’ve briefly thought about, but never written down before.

The things I desire in life + identifying the feelings within them in order to practice feeling the vibration of abundance (until practice is no longer needed)

  • New car
    • Feelings associated with it that I can practice in the present moments of Now (even without the car):
      • Refreshingly clean and organized environment. I realize that we can feel this way whenever we choose to air out our homes (by opening the windows), as well as clean, organize, declutter, and/or decorate (with only things that have meaning) our living space more often.
      • Safety (high tech safety features; since I’ve been in a total of 3 major car accidents since 2008 (where my car was totaled each time), I’ve been noticing some PTSD symptoms even while in the passenger seat, to include: profuse sweating of palms and soles of feet, high anxiety, and racing of heartbeat whenever there are sudden, loud sounds). I realize that we can always feel safe by intuitively trusting that nothing outside of us can truly harm us, nothing outside of ourselves is “out to get us” (like so-called negative entities, energy vampires, evil spirits, etc.), and that even death is merely a transformation of energy states (the way solid ice can melt, and then evaporate).
      • Security (having an embedded guidance system to avoid getting lost). I realize that we can always feel secure by trusting our inner guidance system—Spirit’s communication to us via gut feeling, Heart feeling, intuition/inner-wisdom/inner-knowing, outer reflections like various signs, symbols, Divine synchronicity (to include number synchronicity), etc.
      • Relief from worry that something will go wrong (breakdown of vehicle parts that I’ve experienced often in the past). I realize that we can free ourselves from unnecessary worries by intuitively trusting that our higher self always presents (gifts) us with all the experiences we need for our highest individual and collective benefit—whether they show up as obvious blessings, or blessings in disguise.
      • Cool air (very functional ac as opposed warm-cool air after 30 minutes or more). I realize that we can have this experience whenever we choose to go out and spend some time nature (with Mother Nature/Mother Earth/Ancient Mother Goddess), where we can feel the natural, cool breeze that gently envelopes our body.
      • Fresh smell (new car smell). I realize that we can have this experience whenever we choose to savor the delightful scents of Life—whether they be natural (like the fresh and uplifting smell of trees, grass, flowers, the ocean, herbs, essential oils, incense like Sandalwood, fruits, vegetables, etc.) or man-made (like sensual body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body sprays, perfume, dryer sheets, baked goods, mouth-watering food, etc.).
      • Comfort (smooth ride). I realize that we can have this experience whenever we choose to deeply appreciate the small things in life that may often take for granted, like the moments we get to relax: on a comfortable couch or chair, on a soft yet firm bed and pillow, in a soothing shower or bath, under a warm blanket, within an air-conditioned or heated home, within one’s own energies during solitude (unconditionally embracing vibrational frequency), within the arms of loved one, etc.
  • Abundance of Money
    • Feelings associated with it that I can practice in the present moments of Now (even without the abundance of money):
      • Freedom to do, create and Be whatever I choose. I realize that we can have this experience whenever we choose to intuitively trust that we are never a victim to life’s circumstances, but rather a Victor, since our higher selves (or ultimately, Spirit) don’t make mistakes, and everything that we experience in Life is meant to gradually expand, and even catapult, our individual and collective soul growth and spiritual evolution.
      • Security (not having to worry about the future). I realize that we can have this experience whenever we choose to remind ourselves that regardless of all the so-called “negative” that has happened throughout our lives, we are still here today—stronger, braver, more open-minded/more understanding, more open-hearted/more wiser, and more unconditionally embracing/loving of various aspects of self and interconnected Life than ever before. Surely, the future can only get brighter, energetically matching the high frequency that embraces everything in the past and treasures the present moment of now—all simultaneously happening in the NOW. 
      • Confidence (trusting that everything my loved ones and I ever need is taken care of). I realize that we can have this experience whenever we choose to Be Inner-Strength and Courage from within, and intuitively trust self that there are no actual failures, but rather, every stepping stone of success. In addition, we can remind ourselves to always validate self/soul/Spirit within, even if our temporary, outer world doesn’t mirror back to us acceptance and/or approval from general society. In Divine perfect timing and order, everything falls into place like beautiful, Cosmic puzzle pieces.
      • Being a great provider for self and loved ones. I realize that we can have this experience whenever we choose to Be Unconditional acceptance/embrace/Love to self and interconnected others. Though this true love (priceless treasure) may not always be given to self and others in physical form—such as material things, gifts, money/financial support—it is the most important thing we can provide for any form of Life throughout this Universe and beyond. 
      • Generosity to self and interconnected Life. I realize that we can have this experience whenever we choose to share the Light (uplifting information/knowledge) & Unconditional Love (purity/wisdom/experiential knowledge) that is within us (and is our core essence). This can be in the many forms of Being fully present with self/another, actively listening to self/another, showing appreciation for self/another, having compassion for self/another, pampering self/another, encouraging self/another, uplifting self/another with humor, taking care of self/another, sharing a home-made meal with self/another, treating self/another to a delicious experience, giving self/another hope via intuitive trust, empowering self/another, motivating self/another, inspiring self/another, sharing food and drinks, giving a big tip for outstanding service at a restaurant, giving genuine compliments, sharing stories of life lessons learned/wisdom gained, expanding perspective for self/another, healing self/another, unconditionally embracing the so-called flaws of self/another, seeing with clarity the beauty within all of Life, helping self/another (without becoming a permanent crutch that disempowers others from discovering their own inner-strength and courage within),  and much more.
      • Comfort (to relax and simply enjoy life without worries). I realize that we can have this experience whenever we choose to give ourselves a break when needed on any levels of our being—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. When we feel physically tired, instead of trying to fight it with more caffeine, chemical-heavy energy drinks, or whatever, let’s honor our body’s signals. We can cut down or completely let go of whatever activity, person or other presence drains our energy, take a nap and/or get extra hours of sleep. We can also become aware of bombarding negative thoughts that stem from ingrained habits, and take a moment to simply observe without judgment. The more we practice, we can even start recognizing where those habitual thoughts stemmed from—old and outdated societal beliefs (to include from family) passed down from one generation after the next. During low energy moments, we can be fully present with self with pure compassion, even imagining/visualizing our adult selves hugging our wounded aspects of inner child within. Then, gradually introduce to self expanded, positive perspectives that reveal the bigger picture of Life (like seeing the wisdom/blessings in disguise within the earthly illusions). Since thoughts affect emotions, we’ll start feeling better. 
      • Sensuality (to experience the luxuries in life with all loved ones). I realize that we can have this experience whenever we choose to deeply appreciate even the seemingly simple luxuries in life. This include things like: 
        • savoring aromatic teas and delicious foods
        • feeling the the softness of one’s skin
        • appreciating warmth while basking in the sun
        • soothing self with the scent of incense or essential oils
        • loving the soft kiss or warm hug of a loved one
        • being deeply moved by a being’s soul-touching, deep stare (to include humans, dogs, cats, etc.) 
        • enjoying a cat’s precious smile while petting its soft fur
        • inhaling fresh air while being surrounded by beautiful nature
        • making self-love (masturbation) or making love with a loved one
        • intensely sensing inner body vibrations and feeling excited
        • seeing movements of energy at times, and being intrigued
        • hearing various tones in right and/or left ear (to include musical ones) and being comforted by them
        • noticing sparkles of light in the left peripheral vision and feeling grateful for loving support
        • noticing inner and outer Divine synchronicity—like dream messages, signs, symbols, number synchronicity, mirroring of outer world, etc.—unfold, and deeply appreciating them
        • and much more
      • Joy (to have fun like a free-spirited child!^_^). I realize that we can have this experience whenever we choose to allow our free-spirited aspect of inner child to simply Be. This includes, but is not limited to:
        • having fun (whatever makes us smile and laugh)
        • incorporating humor into Life 
        • just being Authentic Self without being concerned about what the world thinks
        • owning what we like (or prefer) and what we don’t like (or prefer) without any apologies
        • creating whatever we feel like creating (e.g., art, a poem, a song, etc.) and always validating self/soul/Spirit within
        • freely and fully expressing our truths without judgment (to include our true feelings—the language of our soul)
        • following the path of Heart: doing whatever we’re passionate about or excites us at every moment (even to the smallest degree)—something I’ve learned from the Pleiadians (channeled through Barbara Marciniak) and Bashar (channeled through Darryl Anka) 
      • Explore (Ability to travel the world—especially ancient, sacred sites to commune with its frequencies—experience various cultures, people and foods). I realize that we can have this experience whenever we choose to focus on our heart’s desires. This includes, but is not limited to:
        • using our imagination and visualization ability
        • feeling (to the best of our ability) what it would be like to actually have whatever experience
        • creating vision boards of our bucket list as daily reminders
        • trusting that our prayers/requests/wishes have already manifested, and are awaiting our matching vibrational frequency (e.g., vibration of abundance)
        • perhaps practice astral traveling until we can reach a preferred location. What’s worked for me so far is being in a very relaxed state (even while lying in bed in darkness and stillness), and then focusing straight ahead without the interference of thoughts. I completely trust that I will experience astral travel. I then seem to rapidly fly through dark space with what appears to be many rays of white light passing by around me. As mentioned in my old homepage, it was very intimidating at first, but you get used to it. Sometimes, I imagine looking at a circle—an idea that popped into my mind while reading the Emerald Tablets Thoth book. The circle eventually turns into a moving spiral, and then a wormhole. I (my consciousness) then travels through the wormhole at a medium speed. When I reach some end point, time seems to slow down drastically, and I see many stars all around me. I’ve only been to what appeared to be a parallel earth reality one time, where I immediately transported to another similar, unknown location upon thinking about it (don’t recall what). Sometime in late December of 2016, there was a personal incident, and shortly afterwards, I  traveled through a wormhole excitedly shouting  to Goddess (for the first time that I recall; I’ve shouted for Jesus and God before in dreams, but not to Goddess). At some point, while out in space, I also heard and felt a popping sound (like a bubble popping) followed by a loud baby’s cry, which blew my mind; I wondered about that bizarre experience. Right after reaching the end point of this particular wormhole, I saw planets around me while seemingly being in the middle of space. I felt fear set in, and then snapped out of that reality; but that’s another story that I’ll publish one day if I feel like it.

It is my intention to not only write about and share self-empowering ideas, but to fully live them myself.

All aspects and extensions of Beloved I (God) AM (Goddess) Presence/Christ Buddha consciousness within, I ask you to assist me in Being Full-Potential, Multidimensional Self; and I thank you ahead of time. 

I trust that as I heal, interconnected others heal, and vice verse. May we be fully aware of the Heaven on Earth within us and all around us, and to truly live it.


~ by Bobbie on March 11, 2017.

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