Going through dark night of the soul

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Thank you wonderful Mira for sharing much Light and Unconditional Love to self (physical self/selves)/Self (Soul/Spirit within), interconnected humanity, Mother Earth, merging worlds, and beyond.

<3<3<3 Barbara/Mulantis

Twinflame Healing


Going through Dark Night of the soul is part of twin flame journey. In this healing process you go to very deep side of your self and find the places that are hidden and dark. This dark places by coming into the awareness of self is well illuminated by the light of your core.

Living Dark Night of the soul is tough but the rewards are impressive. You will become your original self by going back to your true self and start an illumination process within. This light then will be recognized from outside and you will be an example of purified soul living on a higher consciousness on planet earth.

During the dark night of the soul you might loose the things that you value, maybe encounter loss of a loved one, or any other event that wakes you up from deep inside. Anything that touches you so deep…

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Rainbow Love Tote Bag & Embrace Self-Love Cross Body Bag

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Rainbow Love Tote Bag

In 2016, prior to creating a store within Zazzle, I found out from my husband’s cousin that his tween daughter/our niece had a tendency to often follow her friends’ needs and wants while neglecting her own.

My heart went out to her because I strongly sensed that she could use motherly love (since her mother was absent from her life due to being a drug addict).

I was able to deeply empathize with her, and when I decided to make her a home-made gift, I received an idea that I trust was from Spirit within.

Using various colors of fine point permanent markers, and different styles of writing, I wrote on the top of the white tote bag, “Anastasia, Be Free-Spirit” and drew a blue dolphin right below it. Note: I had an urge to look up the meaning of her name, and it means Resurrection

In addition, I added reminders throughout the rest of the bag about self-respect, self-compassion, self-love, knowing what one likes and dislikes and embracing them, being one’s own BFF first and foremost (and others will follow), knowing one’s self-worth, being confident and assertive, honoring one’s feelings (language of the soul), trusting one’s intuition, being bold, having fun, etc.

I realized that she may be too young to fully understand such concepts, but I trust that she will in Divine perfect timing and order if she’s drawn to them.

My intention was simply to share with her all that I wished my own inner-child had received throughout childhood, especially unconditional love.

I also dedicate this bag to all other souls out there who could benefit from upliftment (to include encouragement, deep healing and humor), empowerment, and inspiration, whether children or the wounded aspect of inner child within adults (also see another version toward the bottom of this post—an all-over-print, cross body bag for teens and adults only).

Note: I recently ordered five of these tote bags for our friend’s five daughters (biological and step children)—two of whom had a similar situation as Anastasia (they had a drug addict mother). 

I wrote the following review for Zazzle, and also included three photos:

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Very Creative, Colorful, Humorous, Uplifting, Empowering, and Inspiring Tote Bag

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I was so delighted to see how amazing all five, personalized tote bags turned out! The girls (our friend’s kids)—ranging from years 5 to 13—were so excited about them, which made my heart sing!! ^_^

The overall quality of the product is great, it seems pretty durable so far, and it exceeded my expectations.

And last but not least (as stated in title), the tote bag was designed in a highly creative manner, and it’s very colorful, humorous, uplifting, empowering, and inspiring.

It’s a wonderful influence and a great daily reminder for kids of various ages, and even for adults due to its integrated profound wisdom.

How did the printing turn out?*

The colors are vivid, the image quality is great, and the printing of even small details is perfect.

4 girlsI AM

The following version is an all-over-print cross body bag (comes in tote style too) for teens to adults only (due to the clean, sex-themed, Black Widow cartoon):

I dedicate this bag to my adult daughter, whom I initially made this for on her birthday, and to all other souls out there (wounded aspect of inner child within adults) who could benefit from upliftment (to include encouragement, deep healing and humor), empowerment, and inspiration.

Embrace Self-Love Cross Body Bag

Divine Synchronicity of Moon Energy, Non-Attachment, and True Freedom

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To my delightful surprise, the main themes of this video (above) are non-attachment and true freedom (not the freedom that general society believes to be true, to include needing to earn freedom through back-to-back, never-ending wars). I LOVE Divine synchronicity (to include number synchronicity) !!! ^_^ Whenever I follow my inner guidance (ultimately from Spirit within), I definitely notice all the sign, symbols, and messages from both inner and outer worlds.

Source: Divine Synchronicity of Moon Energy, Non-Attachment, and True Freedom

Graduation Card: Path to Ultimate Freedom

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Path to Ultimate Freedom 


Be Authenticity, Ultimate Freedom, Inner-Peace, True Unconditional Love to Self and Interconnected Life, Pure Compassion, Joy (to include Humor), Inner-Truths, Honest Expressions, Creativity, Profound Wisdom, Self-Empowerment, Inspiration, Abundance in Various Forms, and beyond…
Note: I created the artwork and expressions within the card, and the photos were taken during a family excursion at a local park. Enjoy! ^_^

Baby Romper: Accomplishment of a Joint Mission

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My husband and I dedicate the theme on this baby outfit to his awesome coworker and his lovely wife—who are both veterans (Marine Corps and Navy)—and their very cute and lovable son.

Thank you for your service in the past, but most of all, thank you for being such wonderful beings in the present and beyond.

Accomplishment of a Joint Mission

Big Card: Get Well Friend…We Miss You

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I dedicate this card to our neighbor/friend Roberto (aka Robert). Despite past and current difficult, life challenges—to include becoming paraplegic and having health issues—I, and interconnected others in our neighborhood, highly respect and admire his immense inner-strength, courage, determination, and resilience to fully live.

And last but not least, we are deeply moved by his heart’s desire to truly appreciate all the beauty of Life, especially the seemingly small things that we may often take for granted.

<3<3<3 Barbara

Get Well FriendWe Miss You

“The Disguised Gift of Ugly” Poem

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I dedicate this poem to my inner-child, and all interconnected souls who have had similar experiences of not fitting into the box that general society labels as beautiful.

This poem was birthed from the childhood experience recorded in one of my first posts, “Low Self-Esteem” followed by, “Insights from Post Titled Low Self-Esteem.”

Poem: The Disguised Gift of Ugly