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Note: To my billions of fans 😉 …My blog has moved to its new, creative space (reunitingall.com <= click on link) 

“I choose to freely express the ALL of me (i.e., the good, the bad, and the ugly), in order to show you my spiritual growth on this amazing journey of Love that has the power to rise above fear, and Light that has the power to diminish darkness.”   Bobbie

Hello to all my SOUL sisters and brothers 😀

I am grateful and honored that you took a moment to visit my blog. 🙂

I’m Bobbie, and I’ve recently decided to update my blog to reflect a newer version of me (i.e., Bobbie 5.0). I guess some things don’t change, like my corny sense of humor.

I’m currently going through a process of spiritual growth, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Thanks to modern technology, I’ve been able to reconnect with other souls throughout the world (e.g., via Twitter, blogs, websites, etc.) who are also interested in spirituality.

With so many souls out there helping to make this precious world a better home for all with their contributions of inspirations and important information, life has become so much easier because it’s filled with more joy, peace, truth, hope and love.

I finally reached a point in my life where I’m grateful for everything that has occurred throughout my life (ranging from the lightest to darkest, the most beautiful to the most hideous, and the most loving to the most terrifying).

As I look back, a lot of the people, events, things, and places that were once so mysterious, confusing, frightening, depressing, hateful, disgusting, painful and/or foreign became crystal clear…

they were ALL God and my soul’s perfect creation to bring me exactly where I need to be for my spiritual growth, like amazing pieces of a gigantic puzzle falling into place to create the BIG picture.  I thank God, my soul, the universe and every other soul that played a part in my life for helping me to grow as a soul and to finally realize my full potential.

I initially started journaling in a notebook, a recommendation from my very professional and caring therapist at the time. Then, one day, I had a crazy idea to go public with my journaling.

I thank God for the inspiration. I use my nickname rather than my full name mainly to protect the privacy of others, especially my family members and friends. I figured my Twitter profile picture is safe since all us Asians look-alike.

Relax…I have an official certificate that shows that I’ve basically earned the right to make fun of slanted-eyed beings. 😉  Okay, no more Japorean jokes. Just to clarify any myths or vicious rumors that might be floating around, I’m not the typical, math-excelling Asian female with kung-fu-choppin’ skills; however, I do need to improve my driving skills. 😉

Anyway, I created a website almost two years ago, but then transferred my stories to wordpress.com, a better tool that my wonderful husband introduced me to.

Since I’ve been thanked by some thoughtful souls throughout my life for helping, inspiring, motivating, guiding, and/or teaching them, I thought, why not use my life story to reach out to more souls that I will not have a chance to meet during this lifetime?

I realize I’m no expert in the field of healing, since I’m going through the process of healing myself, but I’ve always known deep down that the reason people have been drawn to me with their stories,and often wanted to hear mine as well, was because they could sense that I truly wanted to help them become happier souls. It’s a gift from God.

Even when I was in the Army, I wasn’t the strongest, tallest, or even smartest of the bunch. Actually, it was quite the opposite. However, I did my best to turn my weaknesses into strengths, and I strived to turn my greatest strength, which I believe is helping people to heal, into my number one passion.

What I enjoyed the most while I was in the Army, was being able to meet different people from all over the world and from various backgrounds, and helping them to become better, stronger, healthier and happier soldiers/souls than they were the very last moment of their existence.

I may not have had all the answers to their problems, or even the best solutions, but I was determined to be there for them. The satisfaction of one your soldiers looking at you with belief and hope is priceless.

Like the well-known saying goes, “Sometimes you learn as you teach others.” As I was thinking about this, I came across a perfect quote on the first page of Google, from the Master’s International School of Divinity, “Share what you learn. As you teach and tell others what you have learned, God will help you to understand more clearly. You will help others and strengthen yourself.”

This blog may not have the ripple effect that I would like for it to have, but I trust God that the souls who are meant to cross this path will in due time. So far, I’ve only been able to help a few souls in some way, shape or form, but I’m grateful that I was able to through this blog.

My favorite inspirational teacher/author/soul is Mr. Neale Donald Walsch. I love his inspirational words of wisdom, and I respect that he doesn’t try to manipulate or force you into thinking a certain way or even believing ideas that don’t ring true to your heart.

The following is one of the most challenging words of wisdom to try to live by in today’s still judgmental society; however, I chose to take the challenge so that I will evolve mentally, emotionally, physically, and last but not least spiritually:

“Start telling the truth now and never stop. Begin by telling the truth to yourself about yourself. Then tell the truth to yourself about someone else. Then tell the truth about yourself to another. Then tell the truth about another to that other. Finally, tell the truth to everyone about everything. These are the 5 levels of truth-telling. This is the five-fold path to freedom.”
Neale Donald Walsch Conversations With God : An Uncommon Dialogue

I good friend once wrote me, “The idea of journaling this all I can see how it can help with sorting things all out and helping to let go. I like how you organized it under a particular theme as well.

I wonder if by sharing your stories with the world you open yourself up to possible hurts from others comments or on the other hand maybe open yourself up to help others realize that they are not alone. Maybe others share the same experiences. Maybe this can help others find their own voice as well. For what it’s worth, I always thought you had a warm heart.”

I only have a few friends who have been there for me through both good and bad times, and who have always accepted me for who I am; and she is definitely one of them. I treasure them because I’ve learned that true friends are like rare and precious jewels found deep in the heart of the vast oceans.

Note: I wrote about half of my posts in the third person (i.e., Bobbie) when I started out, more than likely due to avoidance. I’m assuming it was easier for me to talk about some of the sensitive stories if I was telling them from an objective point of view.

Plus, it sometimes helped me to gain insight about the people, situations, and ideas that helped mold me into a better human being. Some of my older posts are just about me venting, analyzing, wondering, remembering, stewing, and/or noting observations.

It was a time when my vibrational frequency was usually in the lows, and I was in the middle of my healing process with individual therapy, PTSD group sessions, and depression medication (which I’ve functioned without for a year now thanks to meditation, exercise, healthier eating, positive thinking and faith in my amazing soul, other inspirational and loving souls and the All-powerful and All-loving God and His universe).


The contents of my blog include the good, the bad, the ugly and the “Am I in the Twilight Zone?”  This roller coaster journey (i.e., Bits and Pieces) is filled with everything from themes about God, spirituality, Jesus, Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, love, compassion, beauty, forgiveness, humor, bonding, military servicemen and women (especially the Army), courage, strength, justice, self-empowerment, wealth, heaven, self-love, giving, sharing, friendship, inspiration, wisdom, truth, a healthy communication style, sexuality, relationships, exploring, confidence, high self-esteem, fearlessness, physics, metaphysics, acceptance of gays and lesbians, healing, light  to

darkness, sadness, anger, hurt, abuse (physical, verbal, emotional and sexual), rape, divorce, separation, isolation, depression, rage, judgment, struggle, attempted suicide, suicide within the family, discrimination, prejudice, racism, sexism, cancer within the family, alcohol and work addictions, enemies, anxiety, facade, betrayal, hatred, manipulation, control, hell, religion, guilt, jealousy, unhealthy communication styles, cognitive distortions, mental illness (especially bipolarism), mistakes, shame, regret, fear, trauma, low self-esteem, abandonment, etc.


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